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So Spiritual! 10 Day Awareness Training Challenge


So Spiritual! 10 Day Challenge

As an awakening soul, empath or energetically sensitive you have proven to yourself that you are not only interested but also willing to invest in your own Awareness and Ability To Discern Truth.

But what is this TRUTH TRAINING really about?

Why do we resonate with content that inspires us to feel deeper within?

What is the practical value of SEEING & DISCERNING TRUTH?

The practice of translating our deeper REALIZATIONS into a more fulfilling, peaceful and abundant daily reality is a hands-on skill that needs to be trained. If we never walk the talk we cannot prove to ourselves that we can indeed choose our reality. Our minds are filled with ideas, idealizations, and intentions while our body and emotions remain in the inertia of daily chores, habits and survival battle. This conflict within is what keeps us in a continual loop of inadequacy mixed with guilt and anger.

If you don't know how to challenge our ego to a more conscious reality, most of our manifestation attempts lead to frustration or more fear.

As you know from regularly listening to my updates, blogs, and transCODES events, I have dedicated my work to assisting people on their journey of becoming their TRUE SELF. There are many different programs I offer, but one of the most eye-opening and motivating programs is the 10 Day Challenge, originally developed for the Heart-Warrior BootCamp training.

What if you could learn the basic tools to overcome your inner and outer conflicts in just 10 days full commitment to yourself?

Join this revolutionary program that can help you to unravel physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blindspots to find out what is truly holding you back and how to develop a strategy to effectively face your manifestation blocks!

10 Days, 30 Minutes A Day?

Give it try!

$199 in Group Training with live group coaching
(Discounts for Heart Warriors & Sacred Self Healing Members)
$499 in Personal Training with personal live energy coaching throughout 10 Days

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