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Shadow Work Intensive - Persistent Relationship Patterns

$150.00 (Coming soon)

Shadow Work Intensive - Transcending Persistent Realtionship Patters With Energy Work

This two transMISSION Combo consists of two guided Remote Energy transMISSIONS designed to aide heart based shadow work with a live webinar the following day. This energy work intensives initiates self-healing through reintegration of shadow-aspects through heart consciousness through deeper energy work and direct cintextualization afterwards.

Prerequisite: None.

The power of this modality intensives lies in its combination of the guiding voices and coded visualization techniques. It initiates spontaneous heart-alignment and compassion and allows for our shadow to come forward. The created space in our heart-center resembles and leads to our Sacred Heart-Space, but is often blocked by shadow-aspects.


Shadow-Work transMISSION
(by/with Jeff Casper)

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

• Dissolving of disharmonic lower-self aspects
• Aligning to inner Divinity (Christ-Light/Source/God/Celestial)
• Identifying current ego patterns; facing hidden shadow aspects
• Letting go of any outside energies or attachments affecting your shadow
• Cleansing of the negative energy and charge surrounding the pattern
• Developing the ability to feel/see past the pattern to the lost part or hidden power
• Learning how to reintegrate the healed shadow back into our energy bodies

This particular session will focus on White Shadow aspects, that often motivate our unconscious realtionship patterms

Energetic Interaction transMISSION
(by/with Jona Bryndis)

In this remote energy session we will practice basic consolidation techniques, learn about the different kinds of energetic interactions, and practice how to prevent energyc absorption & projection in common situations in which they occur - and how to discern them based on recognizing our own patterns within. We will practice how to control energy in altered states, and how to avoid common mistakes that compromise our boundaries and energetic health.

This intensive is very transformative - specifically effective for couples!

Sacred Self-Healing & Couple Discount Available.

Instructions will be sent out 12-24 hours prior to transMISSION sessions.

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