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SACRED SOLSTICE 2019 Live Workshop in Iceland - CONSCIOUS LIVING Energy Training Workshop




in Iceland 20th-22nd June 2019

The workshop starts Thursday 06/20/19 @ 4PM and ends on Saturday 06/22/19 @ 4PM (GMT) local time. The offered  Bed & Breakfast group housing option is for 2 nights inc. breakfast (scoll pull-down menu). Included in the ticket price are two Remote Energy Healing & Training transMISSIONS.

Personal Live Energy Clearings will be offered on Thursday night (donation basis) - first comes first

This training is suitable for all levels of energetic self-healing work.

This intense live energy training workshop will take you through the different layers of our consciousness, how to feel, clear and self-heal blocks and tune into your conscious manfestation energies.

Topics we will be covering:

Icelandic Herbs & Healing Rituals

Equality/Emancipation & Historic Role of Women in Icelandic/Viking Society

Self-Sustained Living/Energy

Environmental Awareness Land & People

Arts & Foods

Healing Approaches, Assisted Living & Dying

Alcoholics & Narcotics/Rehab Strategies

Trauma & Codependency Healing Roadmap

Crypto Mining in Iceland

Learn from jona and jeff how to test and discern truth and its dualities. Explore how to implement your conscious awakening into your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric body!

The workshop includes live training, energy sessions, and 1-on-1 exercises.

The venue location is at a Rudolf Steiner based self-sustained eco-community. Meals and accommodation are not included in the ticket price. Accommodation and travel packages available.

SPACES ARE VERY LIMITED! Early booking advised!

Sacred Self-Healing, PATREON & transCOACH Energy Healer discount available.

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