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Personal Energy Coaching Sessions - transCOACHING


On appointment only.
With Jona Bryndis or Jeff Casper (please specify if you have a preference)

Energy Coaching is a combination of energy reading and (verbal) coaching. As we talk the energy coach is responding to your (conscious or unconscious) energy and translates it for you while talking to you. There is no remote energy healing involved in this session per se. However energy coaching gives a person practical guidance how to practically apply or proceed, for example after a remote healing session.

The main objective of transCOACHING is to translate your personal energy field into feasible and practical steps, so you learn how to navigate through your personal self-healing journey or achieve your goals in accordance with your True Self.

If you wish to request a free initial consultation please email us at [email protected]

In this free session you can ask any question and we can discuss how to energetically approach whatever subject you want to address. For this session you don't need to 'know' exactly what you want to know - but it can help if you take a moment before our session to feel out your main area of concern.

It is not needed to have prior experience with energy work .

Let us know if you wish session recording.

We are currently able to offer transCOACHING in English and German. transCOACHING is done by telephone or Skype (audio).

Also if you have had an energy clearing session, participated in a remote energy transMISSION recently and wonder how to proceed from here, you can continue working on the surfaced aspects in 1-on-1 transCOACHING sessions. Each session is scheduled with you according to your personal time zone and availability.

Once you have identified the areas in which you would like to make long-term changes or go through a temporary period of increased transformation, we recommend a transCOACHING Series with your transCOACH. We recommend leaving at least 3-4 weeks in between sessions.

Please inform your transCOACH if/when you had a recent (within last 3 months) Remote Energy Clearing.

Here you can get more information about the service you selected.


Please use the drop-down menu to check on service options (e.g. different session dates, combos, discounts or coaching minutes.)


Please email us if you are not sure which option to choose: [email protected]


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