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Narcissistic Abuse Healing - Personal Energy Coaching Program


With Jona Bryndis

Narcissistic Abuse Healing is an energy coaching and energy healing program to help with overcoming the symptoms of Complex PTSD & Narcissistic Abuse.

For effective recovery from temporary or lifelong love-related abuse aspects the holistic approach not only helps to end the repetitive cycle of trauma, but also enables us to recovery our innate self-healing abilities. It can address the often physical, emotional, mental and behavioral  recovery through Energy Coaching Sessions, and allows for the spiritual recovery through energetic reclaiming of lost, given or taken away soul aspects in remote Energy Healing Sessions. Both are integral part of the healing process. While they can be done separately, we recommend the simultaneous or gradual pathway for your full recovery.

If you have identified abuse or complex trauma symptoms that block you from experiencing joy and fullfilment in your life or relationships you must give yourself time to heal from these often chronic and recurring patterns that attract toxicity into your life. A common timeline for narcissistic abuse recovery is 1-2 years. You can start the program with Holistic Energy Coaching and gradually augment empowering new life and self-healing strategies through deeper energy healing.

Narcissistic Abuse Healing Program-

Beginning Recovery Process:

You might still be in a relationship, work or family constellation and have just begun thinking about how to exit your current situation. You have difficulties seeing a way out and need help with forming a personal exit strategy. You can do this for as long as you need to feel prepared and empowered to leave your current situation. We recommend 3 months.

Monthly: Four 90 min Personal Energy Coaching Sessions ($450) each one week apart.

Advanced Recovery:

You have just left your toxic/abusive situation and want to rebuild your life. You are struggling with finding a new (healthier) structure for you life, and often feel regret, grief or a pull back into the 'old ways. You can do this for as long as you want, until you are no longer feeling anxious or self-defeating. We recommend 3 months.

Monthly: Four weekly 90 min Energy Coaching sessions and Two Energy Healing Sessions ($490)

Beginning Healing:

You have started a new life but still feel an emptiness within. You seeking, but you don’t want to pull old patterns or similar partners/constellations back into your life. You can do this for as long as you want, until you feel that you are equipped with better discernment.
We recommend 6-12 months.

Two Energy Healing Sessions with two 120 min Energy Coaching ($490) per month.

One Year Personalized Recovery Program with weekly Energy Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions as needed ($4999 Flat Rate, one-time payment)

Beginning Self-Mastery:

Heart Warrior Boot Camp ($699 per month) for 3 months. It includes the Sacred Self-Healing Course, regular webinar groups trainings, 2 weekly Energy Healing Sessions, two weekly 90 min Energy Coaching and one Energy Clearing Session per month.

What is Energy Coaching?
Energy Coaching is a combination of energy reading while talking with you. As we talk the energy coach is responding to your (conscious or unconscious) energy and translates it for you while talking to you. There is no remote energy healing involved in this session per se. However energy coaching gives a person practical guidance how to practically apply or proceed, for example after a remote healing session.

The main objective of transCOACHING is to translate your personal energy, preferences, boundaries, and what is conducive for you into feasible and practical steps, so that you can better navigate through your personal self-healing journey or achieve your goals in accordance with your True Self.

If you wish to request a free initial consultation please email us at [email protected]

For this session you don't need to 'know' exactly what you want to know - but it can help if you take a moment before our session to feel out your main area of concern. You can ask any question and we can discuss how to practically approach whatever subject you want to address.

We are currently able to offer transCOACHING in English and German. transCOACHING is done by telephone or Skype (audio).

Also if you are considering energy clearing or healing sessions in conjunction with energy coaching,  please check on the different energy healing modalities we offer. Energy sessions are indepenent of energy coaching, but they can effectivly enhance your ability to internalize and contextualize your own experience. Each session is scheduled with you according to your personal time zone and availability.

Looking forward to talking to you!

It is not needed to have prior experience with energy work .

What is an Energy Healing Session?
Remote Energy Sessions are done through distance healing, in which the frequency of our personal energy field is sped up to remove, heal or initiate inner processes that are blocking the optimal flow of energy in any area of our life. It opens the door to the deeper workings of our consciousness and teaches us to actively engage with our innate self-healing abilities to resolve persistent physical, mental and emotional problems no matter whether we are new to meditation or spiritual contemplation. They can provide the resource for learning personal energy management and dealing with energetic sensitivity.

Engaging in transMISSION work is like entering into a deeper level of consciousness without the use of psychoactive substances or following a particular spiritual practice. Without explaining in detail how remote energy healing works, picture these high frequency sessions like an amplified meditation session in which the trained energy coach sends out particular resonances to either an individual or a group of participants. Like a radio tower sending out healing frequencies, the coach forms an energetic field with the participant(s), which connects their etheric energies with another. The energy coach can track the energy field of each person and observes their inner energetic responses.

Within this observation process a change in the participating person is facilitated and sometimes, depending on the energetic need of a person or kind of transMISSION (e.g. Remote Clearing, Adjustment, Connecting or Integrating Session) also worked on. The energy work can be received in form of subtle inner processes, deep spiritual insights, emotional catharsis, intense visioning or physical sensations. The number and variety of responses depends on the person and the energetic code-work performed (also see personal energy coaching sessions.)

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Feel free to request an initital free Energy Coaching Session! Email [email protected]

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