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PART II - HEALING APPROACH Webinar Workshop, Sunday, 7h April [email protected] (EST)
PART III - NARC PARENTS Webinar Workshop,  Sunday, 21st April [email protected] (EST)
PART IV - RECOVERY PROCESS Webinar Workshop,  Sunday, 5th May [email protected] (EST)
PART V - NARC EX & CO-PARENTING Webinar Workshop,  Sunday, 19th May [email protected] (EST)
PART VI - NARC IN COURT Webinar Workshop,  Sunday, 2nd June [email protected] (EST)

With Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper

In Self Healing workshops we teach hands-on practical strategies to counteract, prevent or better deal with specific topics in our lives. This month's topic is ENERGETIC ASPECTS OF THE NARCISSIST/EMPATH HEALING, which will cover a wide range of patterns that deal with overcoming the empath/narcissist trauma that occurred in us. It will show the set up for this fatal attracttion, illuminate how family constellations (toxic family structures, addiction, codependency, narcissistic parent) and early childhood conditioning programs us to not be able to see toxic patterns in our lives - and how to interrupt the cycle.

In this 1,5 hours live webinar we will discuss and practice more conducive ways to recognize and disrupt patterns in our relationships and ourselves, as well as what can be done to energeticallly counteract, heal and prevent dysfunctional relationship patterns.

We will learn how to apply the energy work techniques introduced in the STEPS during the workshop and share, comment and ask questions directly.

Open for everyone. No prerequisites.

$25 participation fee
(Free for Sacred Self-Healing & Heart-Warrior Members)

The webinar will be available as recording to all attendees. Questions can be submitted ahead of time even if you cannot attend at the time of the webinar.

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