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Mentoring Club For Professional Energy Clearers (LEVEL IV)


Level IV - Energy Clearing Mentor Club - Level IV Graduates Only

Ongoing (Approximately 4 months)

Energy Clearings are geared towards helping others to feel empowered to make the life-style changes that are needed for permanent healing. The Professional Remote Clearing transCOACH training allowed you to see a person with their deepest energetic aspects. And it enabled you to learn how to perform remote energy healings with your own clients.

However, due to many who are interested in taking the work further and the vast potential of what can occur during clearings, many may be seeking more experience with mentoring/supervision and training to aid you in becoming even more effective.

This Supervision/Mentoring course will be catered to what you are currently experiencing as an Energy Worker (either yourself or your clients), enhancing current level of mastery further, and even go into where you would like to take the energy work as it becomes more of what you do.

Topics covered in training:  

- Quick reminder on ethical considerations, proper setup and start of sessions and safety
- Areas of focus to be covered:  Enhancing Connection, Shadow Integration, Dealing with the Astral,
  Helping Inner Child, Releasing Karmic ties, and Integration Issues in General
- How to grow or modify your business
- Issues with self-clearing and much more…

Prerequisites for Level IV - Mentoring/Refresher Course:  Level IV Graduate:  

Level IV transCOACH Supervision Program includes:

- 1-2 supervised facilitations of live Remote Clearing Sessions per month
- At least 1 supervised energy coaching session (up to one a month)
- Advanced skill training and extended individual training on etheric protection as needed
- 7.5-10 hours group training meetings via Skype (inc. new techniques, business coaching on how to  
  integrate the learned modality into your business plan, and other topics needed)
- Available office hours to call in our chat regarding questions, concerns, or current sessions

Email Jeff at [email protected] regarding any further questions.

transCODES reserves the right to refuse admission to any of their transCOACH training programs, master certification or terminate ongoing training without reason.

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