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LEVEL IV Professional Energy Clearer Training & Certification


Certified Professional Energetic Clearing transCOACH - for LEVEL II transCOACHES only

Training Phase begins  15. August 2020 (approx. 6 months - can take longer depending on size of training group)

Energy Clearings are geared towards helping others to feel empowered to make the life-style changes that are needed for permanent healing. The Professional Remote Clearing transCOACH training allows you to see a person with their deepest energetic aspects. It enables you to learn how to perform remote energy healings and will teach you how to utilize this modality with your own clients.

As Level IV Master transCOACH trainee you will learn how to perfom etheric clearing on individuals as well as learn how to do remote field and group work (includes LEVEL I transCOACH training certification).  

The Remote Clearing transCOACH training takes about 9-12 months and focuses on mastering individual as well as group Remote Energy Clearings.  It allows you to learn the deeper energetic aspects of remote energy healing and will teach you how to utilize this modality with your own clients. If you already are a LEVEL I or II transCOACH the training will take about 6-9 months.

The transCOACH IV Certification includes the Master Certification for our Remote Clearing modality and Level I certification. Additional Master Certifications for other modalities requires a LEVEL II certification and is not included in this program.

Prerequisites for Level IV:

Heart-Warrior Boot Camp or pre-qualification through transMISSION participation:

Graduation in advanced GRACE Modalities (having participated in each 3 sessions): GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion and Redemption
At Least one session Heart-Clearing, Shadow-Work and Masculine & Feminine Energies
At least one Energetic Clearing Session

Regular Energetic Adjustment sessions or transMISSION/Adjustment Flat Rate

 - Provide us with a short bio, picture of yourself and state your goals.

Additional specializations can be obtained after certification.  

Level IV transCOACH Master Program includes:

- At least 3 supervised facilitations of live Remote Clearing Sessions
- At least 1 supervised energy coaching
- At least 20 co-facilitations in ongoing Remote Group transMISSIONS
- Extended individual training on etheric protection as needed
- 2-4 hours individual training meetings via Skype (inc. business coaching on how to integrate the learned modality into your business plan)
- 4 live training webinars
- 10 live LEVEL I training webinars
- Disclosure of complete list of transCODE Matrix Codes
- Master certification as Remote Clearing transCOACH with Jeff Casper
- Certification as transCOACH LEVEL I with Jona Bryndis

Total Training Hours:  ca.100 Hours (60 Hours for certified LEVEL I transCOACHES; 40 Hours for certified LEVEL II transCOACHES)

This training course is available to everyone meeting above pre-qualifications. Once completed it is the prerequisite for the LEVEL III Professional transCOACH Certification.

transCODES reserves the right to refuse admission to any of their transCOACH training programs, master certification or terminate ongoing training without reason.


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