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LEVEL III transCOACH Professional Training & Mentor Coaching


LEVEL III transCOACH Professional Training & Mentor Coaching
6-7 Month Training starts October 2020 - Limited spots available

A Level III Profession transCOACH is a certified Level II Master transCOACH who offers his/her services through transCODES or his/her own business and wants to learn how to develop new modalities. You will learn how to transcode energetic processes directly with Jona. This certification includes distribution rights and a master certification license for the developed modality, as well as learning the basics of marketing your services.

The developed modality can be offered through transCODES on commission basis or exclusively in his/her own business.

Prerequisites for Level III:

- Level II Certification
- Regular Energetic Adjustment sessions or transMISSION/Adjustment Flat Rate
- Energy Training club or continued Heart Warrior Self Mastery

This transCOACH certification and mentor coaching program teaches you how to develop transCODES transMISSIONS and integrate transCOACHING to your existing practitioner services or build your own business. Energy work services can be a great addition to your existing practitioner business and attract new clients or intensify your level of service.

The developed modalities can be offered and marketed through transCODES on commission basis or his/her own business.

At this level we will share the transCODE and entire transMISSION and transCOACHING process with you. As Level III Professional transCOACH you receive the certification to facilitate transCODES transMISSIONS in your own business and become a transCODES affiliate for all Mediation/transMISSION MP3’s/CD’s and Sacred Self-Healing Course.

You will be provided with instructions, training material, educational tools and promo material available at transCODES for use in your own business. Upon receiving a transCODES certification as professional transCOACH, you will be asked to submit 5 client testimonials.

Remote Energy Work does not yet require a license to practice, and can therefore not be accredited yet. However, transCODES intention is to stay updated on the current practitioner laws, regulations and future CE credits for this training program - with the goal to support you with your own business as best as possible.

LEVEL III transCOACH Professional Training & Certification includes:

- Develop your own transMISSION/Remote Energy Modality (20-30 hrs group teaching)

- 10 hours of transMISSION and coaching supervision (Skype or email)

- 2 Mentor Coaching Sessions (additional Mentor Coaching available on request - free for sessions faciliated at transCODES)

- License to facilitate transMISSIONS and Coaching at transCODES on commission basis

- Resale Agreement for MP3/CD Tools, Sacred Self-Healing Course and transMISSION clients (commission basis)

Distribution licenses are subject to certain restrictions. Misuse, inappropriate marketing or application of the developed modality can lead to revocation of this certification and distributor license.

Fee for one Professional Certification: $1000

This training course is available to everyone meeting above requirements. Once completed it is the pre-requisite for a transCOACH Trainer Certification (TBA).

transCODES reserves the right to refuse admission to any of their transCOACH training programs, master certification or terminate ongoing training without reason.

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