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Personal Energy Business & Product Development Training


Professional Energy Business, Training & Mentor Training
3 Months Individual 1,5 hrs weekly training sessions (on your schedule.)

This professional product and business training program guides you through all stages of product development, translation into applicable service/products presentation and marketing. It focuses around the development and conceptualization of energy work related services and products on all levels and trains you how to price, present and sell it.

This training program is done in individualized format with individual business coaching, which allows you to tap into your personal calling and grow beyond your perceived limits while also getting inspired and learning from another. The course program takes approximately 3-4 months of weekly personal trainings. It's objective is to assist you with:

- Finding Your Calling & Forming a Strategy
- Pinpointing Your Personal Strengths and Facing Your Barriers
- Accompanying you through the Inception Process of how you can add/integrate energy work into your existing or new business concept
- Overcoming Fears around technology and Social Media
- Creating Energy Work/Awareness Products (Courses, Meditations, Products)
- Developing Your Service/Product Idea to become marketable
- Learning & Practicing Self-Presentation
- Encoding Energy Work With Language (Writing Your own texts, invocations, meditations, processes)
- Learning How to Speak and Record Guided Meditations/Energy/Hypnotherapy/Mantras/Affirmations
- Writing Your Own Promo Blogs/Articles
- Pricing & Marketing
- Business Planning

We also offer  continued Mentor/Supervision Programs, in which we assist you during coaching or energy sessions with your clients.

All transCOACH trainings and mentor coaching programs count as  business expense and are tax deductible. Please email me for proper invoicing to your business [email protected]

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