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LEVEL II Professional Energy Healer transCOACH Master Program & Certification


New LEVEL II Training Phase begins 1st February 2020 (takes 5-6 months)

As Level II Professional Energy Healer Master trainee you will learn how to conduct energy sessions on your own and receive the certification to utilize our most successful energy healing session matching your own business. You will co-facilitate in ongoing remote energy sessions, write session reports and respond to participant’s posts in our transMISSION forum.

For this level of training you may pick the kind of modality that you would like to specialize in and get certified as Master transCOACH to start or enhance your own business. The training consists of two phases: Training Phase and Modality Certification.

Participants need to be certified Level I Professional Energy Healers to join this training and certification program.

Description of our transCOACH LEVEL II Master Certification:

Training Phase: During this 5 month training phase we will share the deeper aspects of the energy healing  process and the complete list of transCODE Matrix codes with you. Through ongoing biweekly training webinars, transMISSION training sessions and 2 individual session sit-ins. Your ability to faciliate and communicate remote energy readings will be refined and you will learn how to faciliate sessions on your own (writing reports and summaries.)

Furthermore you will be introduced in the art of energy coding and prepare you to write invocations.

The transCOACH II Certification includes the Master Certification for ONE transMISSION modality (GRACE Integrity recommended). Additional Master Certifications for other modalities is open at any time for certified LEVEL II transCOACHES but has to be scheduled individually.

With the LEVEL II Certification you will be able to use the mastered modality as part of your own business and offer this transMISSION modality to your own clients. Other modalities can be added to your master  certifications ($350 for one extra modality/$1000 for three extra modalities) at any time after you finished the LEVEL II training.

Trauma Healing & Codependency Healing Master Certifications are $450 each and require all 4 transMISSION sessions as prerequisite.

As a Level II Master transCOACH, you may also facilitate transCODES transMISSIONS using the transCODES as platform on commission basis and become receive a resell commission for our Sacred Self-Healing Course,  Mediation/transMISSION MP3’s/CD’s and sending your clients to ongoing transCODES transMISSIONS.

Prerequisites for Level II:

- Level I Certification

- Graduation in advanced GRACE Modalities (having participated in each 3 sessions): GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion and Redemption

- Regular Energetic Adjustment sessions  (or Energy Training Club)

- Provide us with a short bio, picture of yourself (for transCOACH page) and state your goals.

You will placed as certified transCOACH on our transCOACH page with links to your own business.

The Master transCOACH training takes about 5 months (plus additional training per additional modality) and focuses on mastering particular transMISSION modalities. It allows you to learn the deeper energetic aspects of a chosen modality and will teach you how to utilize this modality with your own clients.

Fee for Level II Training including one Master Certification (recommended GRACE Integrity): $500

Additional modalities:

$350 for each additional modality

$1000 for 3 modalities (e.g. Intensives)

$2500 for all 12 GRACE CYCLE Modalities


GRACE Integrity
GRACE Manifestation
GRACE True Love
GRACE Mental Heart Fusion
GRACE Sacral Heart Fusion
GRACE Trauma Clearing
GRACE Power Clearing 
GRACE (Twin) Soul Reunification
GRACE Redemption
GRACE Soul Sonad
GRACE Gaia Sophia
GRACE Soul Integrity

This training course is available to everyone meeting above requirements. Once completed it is the prerequisite for the LEVEL III Professional transCOACH Certification.

transCODES reserves the right to refuse admission to any of their transCOACH training programs, master certification or terminate ongoing training without reason.

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