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HEART-WARRIOR Energy Awareness Training Boot Camp


THE HEART-WARRIOR PROGRAM - A revolutionary new consciousness development and integrative 90-day self-mastery program!

You can start with this personalized energetic self-mastery program any time (first three months are alled BOOTCAMP). Continued Self-Mastery available all Year. Couple Discount availble.

No Prerequisistes

The Heart Warrior Program has a tightly planned schedule combining meditation and remote energy sessions along with personalized energy coaching sessions to aid a person in working with their heart connection to overcome persistent blocks and life challenges. This program requires a strong dedication and is only for those who can commit to the deeper work with themselves. Through a focus on implementing effective practical mindfulness strategies through weekly energy sessions, daily mediations, education and weekly energy coaching sessions it can help to permanently increase inner connection and successful permanent changes depending on our individual goal-setting.

THE JOURNEY - 90-Day Boot Camp

This 90-Day Boot Camp Intensive combines the work of the Sacred Self-Healing Program with Mindfulness and Soulfulness Techniques into a very structured and fast paced initiative for those who are looking for a permanent makeover. It empowers a person to feel more in control of their own energy levels and provides effective self-healing tools to identify and reprogram recurring subconscious patterns. Based on your own goals, within 90 days it can provide you with hands-on strategies to overcome self-sabotage, addictions, trauma-responses, unhealthy choice making and unconscious enabling of counterproductive behaviors.

$2000 or $699/month (3 installments)
$2700 0r $999/month (3 installments) for couples

For Sacred Self-Healing Discount: $1600 or $566/month (3 installments)

Questions Regarding the Heart Warrior Program

What is the benefit of a yearly Heart Warrior Program?

It allows for the perfect mixture of energy coaching and regular energy sessions. It increases commitment to oneself and helps to develop better inner discernment, more trust in inner guidance and increased energy for practical implementation.

What if I have already participated in the 90-Day Boot-Camp and want to continue?

If you have participated in the boot camp you are eligible for the Continued SELF-MASTERY Rate (coaching every two weeks) or Continued SELF-TRANSFORMATION (coaching every week)

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