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GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion


This 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION (as private or group session) is designed to support the fusion of your sacral and physical bodies with your heart-center.

Recommedation: all 3 Grace Integrity, Manifestation & Mental-Heart-Fusion transMISSIONS

This power of this modality lies in its energetic Alignment to Grace as an energetic resonance. It initiates emotional and trauma clearing through the heart-center and practices energetic fusion of lower emotions (including sexual aspects) with body and the heart-field. GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion is an integral process of the GRACE Cycle.

transCODE: Transcendence (by jona bryndis inspired by P.St.Clair)
With Jona Bryndis
Each day of marathon at 6AM, 1PM, 9PM
In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Dissolution of remaining disharmonic lower-self aspects
- Alignment to inner Divinity (Christ -Light/Source/God/Celestial)
- Fusion of all sexual and survival aspects with heart-center
- Clearing of remaining Masculine/Feminine dissonances
- Reprogramming of stored emotional memory to higher vibratory resonances
- Anchoring of Sacral-Heart in physical body
- Kundalini Activation

GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion is a very powerful self-integration and liberation tool. For full download and assimilation of this code, 3 transMISSION sessions are needed. Sessions are held regularly, typically once or twice a month. Sessions can also be booked on your own timeline as individual transMISSION. It is recommended to leave at least 2 weeks integration time in between transMISSIONS.

If needed, persistent disharmonic aspects can then be further addressed in transCOACHING or Remote Energy Clearing Sessions.

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