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GRACE Recovery Marathon


Remote Energy Healing Marathon

With Jona Bryndis
28th - 30th May 2020

9 remote energy sessions at 7AM, 1PM and 9PM (EST)
The transMISSION field is held for 72 hours straight.

This series of nine one-hour Remote Energy transMISSIONS is designed for an intensified alignement for transcending ego, substance & beahvioral addictions including Co-Dependency

This is a one-time group event.

Participation does not require all nine sessions, but at least on a day (as each day practices a different session focus/healing resonance).

No prequesites. GRACE Integrity sessions recommended but not necessary for participation.

The power of this modality lies in its energetic Alignment to Grace as an energetic resonance. It initiates emotional integration through the heart-center and facilitates heart-field expansion, which activates a person's manifestation field. GRACE Recovery is an integral part of the GRACE Integrity® Cycle.

The reporting for this marathon session will include 8 Flash Reports and one summarized Session Reflection. Forum coaching will be available for personal sharing and responses.

Each 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION is designed to support wholeness and expansion of our energy field.

This power of this modality lies in its combination of energetic Alignment to Grace as an energetic resonance and the 12-Step protocol . It initiates the recoding of (often karmic) addictive structure, including co-addiction and codependency and activates spontaneous heart-alignment

transCODE: Surrender (by Jona Bryndis & Roger Schwartz)
With Roger Schwartz

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Physical attunement to an addiction free body, mind and spirit
- Strengthening of transformation energies within
- Recoding of addictive behavior programs and energetic, mental and emotional patterns including codependency
- Consolidation of personal energy field
- Clearing of energetic ties to substances, places, situations, persons and activities associated with the addiction and addictive structure
- Release of stored emotional/mental/energetic cell memories
- Harmonizing of Masculine and Feminine Energies within
- Alignment to inner Divine Consciousness (True Self/Source/God/Christ-Light)
- Lost-Soul-Part Reunification
- Increased 3rd Eye perception and acceptance of all inner aspects

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