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GRACE Recovery Intensive


Emotionally Integrating Addictive Structure with Energy Work

Novemver 2nd, 3rd, and 4th  2017
each day @ 6AM, 1PM, 9PM (MDT)

This power of this modality (as private or group session) lies in its combination of energetic Alignment to Grace as an energetic resonance and the 12-Step protocol . It initiates the recoding of (often karmic) addictive structure, including co-addiction and codependency and activates spontaneous heart-alignment

transCODE: Surrender (by Jona Bryndis & Roger Schwartz)
With Roger Schwartz

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Physical attunement to an addiction free body, mind and spirit
- Strengthening of transformation energies within
- Recoding of addictive behavior programs and energetic, mental and emotional patterns including codependency
- Consolidation of personal energy field
- Clearing of energetic ties to substances, places, situations, persons and activities associated with the addiction and addictive structure
- Release of stored emotional/mental/energetic cell memories
- Harmonizing of Masculine and Feminine Energies within
- Alignment to inner Divine Consciousness (True Self/Source/God/Christ-Light)
- Lost-Soul-Part Reunification
- Increased 3rd Eye perception and acceptance of all inner aspects

GRACE Recovery is a very powerful tool for self-healing . For full download and assimilation of this code 3 transMISSIONS or the 1-on-1 transCOACHING Combo (3 sessions) is needed. Follow-up sessions are available.

If needed, persistent disharmonic aspects can then be further addressed in specifically designed transCOACHING protocol or Remote Energy Clearing Sessions.

Instructions will be sent out 12-24 hours prior to transMISSION session.

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