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GRACE Recovery - transCOACHING & transMISSION Packages


On appointment only

The main objective of energy coaching is to translate your personal energy field into feasible and practical steps, so you learn how to navigate through your personal self-healing journey or achieve your goals in accordance with your True Self.

After each session you receive an email with your session report and a brief summary of your reading (inc. recording of your Skype session).

We are currently able to offer transCOACHING in English and German. transCOACHING is done by telephone or Skype.

Also if you have had an energy clearing session, participated in a Healing Circle or transMISSION recently and wonder how to proceed from here, you can continue working on the surfaced aspects in 1-on-1 transCOACHING sessions. Each session is scheduled with you according to your personal time zone and availability.

Once you have identified the areas in which you would like to make long-term changes or go through a temporary period of increased transformation, we recommend a transCOACHING Series with your transCOACH. We recommend leaving at least 3-4 weeks in between sessions.

The Recovery transCOACHING & transMISSION Combo consists of 3 individual Sessions:

- One 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION GRACE Recovery
- Two 60min 1-on-1 transCOACHING session with transCODE transfer and 12-Step Protocol.
With Roger Schwartz

Some changes that can occur when addictive structure heals:
• observing from a more detached state; increased perception
• increased emotional and mental stability, new sense of well-being, calmer
• easier to feel self-forgiveness, self-love
• gratitude
• release of those that harmed you or you inflicted pain to
• deeper understanding of self
• vibration rises, release of emotional resistance
• self-healing from physical ailments, disease - stronger immune system
• less cravings
• increased self-control
• lowers chances of relapse
• dissolution of codependent behaviors (takes time)

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Please email us if you are not sure which option to choose: [email protected]


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