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Energy Healing Professional Training - LEVEL I transCOACH Training & Certification

$500.00 (Sold out)

Enrollment for 2019 Energy Healing Profession transCOACH Training Start 1. August 2019

Our next Level I Professional Energy Healer Training Program (transCOACH) starts 1. August 2019 (takes 5-6 months)

The LEVEL I transCOACH training allows you to learn the basics of remote energy work, energy healing techniques, remote energy session protocols and the basics of transCOACHING, which trains you how to read energies, blocks and emotional/mental impact on a person's energy field through remote energy training and extensive self-training.

This 5-6 month training includes an extensive Self-Healing Training with 2-3 energy sessions per week and biweekly personal energy coaching sessions. The Level I Training and Certification includes 30 personal contact hours and 50 Group Training hours. For Self-Healing graduates (see list of prerequistes below) the training is reduced to 50 Group Training Hours.

As a Level 1 transCOACH, you will learn how to conduct remote energy readings in live energy sessions as transCOACH in training and learn how to conduct individual or group remote energy sessions. Through  practice you will learn how discern between your own and outer/field/group energies and learn how to report and clear outer and inner session energies. Occasionally you will work in a team as well as begin to become familiar with how to communicate your energetic perceptions and put them into context with the energy work taking place during remote sessions.

Self-Healing Graduates who have undergone self-healing training at transcodes can join this Level I training for a reduced fee. The prerequistes are:

1. Completion of GRACE Integration Cycle (having participated in each 3 sessions) of GRACE Integrity, GRACE Manifestation, GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion in group or individual transMISSIONS

2. Participation in Remote Prayer Group

3. Participation in Sacred Self-Healing E-Course

The investment into your own self-healing journey in form of personal sessions builds the qualification to be of service for others.  

This reduced training and certification fee is available to everyone meeting above requirements or who has completed the Heart-Warrior Boot-Camp or three months of ENERGY TRAINING CLUB. Once ceritified as Level I transCOACH it provides the prerequisite for the Level II Training and Professional Energy Healer Certification.

Level I transCOACH Training Program includes:

- Introduction into modality code work: True Self, Connecting with Masculinity & Femininity and GRACE Integrity

- Initiation in to Energy Code Work, transCODES Resonances & Workbook

- 15 hours group training via Webinar

- 2 personal training sessions and supervision

- Unlimited training in live energy sessions at transCODES (must have completed the training modality)

- 2 co-facilitations (minimum) in transCODES Group transMISSIONS, inc. writing session summaries and responding to posts in the transMISSION forum

- Resale Agreement for MP3/CD Tools and Sacred Self-Healing Course on commission basis

- Certification Webinar Q&A and documentation.

With certification you will placed as ‘transCOACH in training’ on our transCOACH page (if you choose to).

Enrollment Fees:

Open Enrollment (for anyone): $2500

Self-Healing Graduates (see list of prerequistes) $500   ($450 for Prayer Group Members)

Duration 5 months

transCODES reserves the right to decline admission to any of their transCOACH training programs, master certification or terminate ongoing training without reason.

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