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ENERGETIC INTERACTION: Learn to Protect your Energy Series


Energetic Interaction

ETHERIC PROTECTION transMISSIO - How to Protect Your Energy

1 hour guided remote energy transMISSION (includes 60 min mp3)

With Jona Bryndis

Saturday, 06/06/20 @11AM (EDT)

The "Learn to Protect Your Energy" is a brand new remote energy transMISSION Series.  It consists of basic energetic defense techniques and guides us through energetic processes that are designed to increase our overall ability to protect our subtle energy field from outer energies.

For those who are interested in deeper self-exploration, -visioning and healing work this can be a very effective way to train your ability to etherically see and protect yourself.


In this remote energy session we will practice basic consolidation techniques, learn about the different kinds of energetic interactions, common situations in which they occur and how to discern if they are safe. We will practice how to control energy in altered states, and how to avoid common mistakes that compromise our boundaries and energetic health.

The techniques shared in this guided transMISSION modality are suitable for all experience levels; however, there are a few safety and integrity restrictions that we will ask you to comply with regardless of how experienced you are.

You will be guided in these sessions, which means we will remotely accompany you.

If needed, persistent disharmonic aspects can then be further addressed in transCOACHING (included in private session) or Remote Energy Clearing Sessions.

30 Min discounted Session Coaching is available until 7 days after this transMISSION.

No prerequisite is needed.

This ETHERIC PROTECTION transMISSION is discounted for Sacred Self-Healing Participants (see pull-down options.)


The Energy Process is also available as MP3 Energy Work Tool for self-guidance.

Instructions will be sent out 8-12 hours prior to transMISSION session.

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Please use the drop-down menu to check on service options (e.g. different session dates, combos, discounts or coaching minutes.)


Please email us if you are not sure which option to choose: [email protected]


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