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Energetic Adjustment FLAT RATE - Yearly Unlimited Session Package


Remote Energy transMISSIONS combine latest energy work techniques and are highly transformative. Energetic Adjustments are specific transMISSIONS in which your energy field is optimized for the adjustment to collective energy waves coming in. In a specifically developed clearing sequence your energetic self-clearing abilities are activated and your cell capacity to hold holographic information is increased. This is a unique and highly effective application of remote energy work providing you with your personal healing resonances for the coming weeks.

Energetic Adjustments typically happen 3-6 weeks before the collective band crosses our energy fields, which gives you extra time to prepare and integrate ahead of time.

Each Energetic Adjustment Session comes with a live webinar after session to allow you to directly reflect on which parts of your energy system can be/need to be worked with to enhance your attunement to global energetic developments. As a bonus, yearly subscribers receive a free personal energy coaching session with each energetic adjustment.

This rate is available for anyone who wants to kick-start or deepen his or her inner journey. There are no prerequisites.

The Energetic Adjustment Flat Rate package is highly recommendable for service professionals (tax deducible), practitioners, life coaches, and therapists, as it allows you to be prepared for collective waves your clients will go through with enhanced personal etheric protection.

This Flat Rate Package is designed to allow you to continue and intensify your inner journey, increase your personal consciousness levels and ability to manifest your highest potential. It allows you to participate in all Energetic Adjustment Sessions facilitated at transCODES for the duration of 12 months (starting at sign-up date).  Typically, adjustment sessions are held every 3-6 weeks. You will be able to join a minimum of 11 sessions (most likely more) , with the option for one make-up session (in case you are unavailable to attend).

Sacred Self-Healing Discount available.

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