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A revolutionary new consciousness development and self-mastery program.
Minimum size of corporate groups is three - maximum is 10 participants.

The Heart-Warrior 90-Day Corporate Group Boot Camp starts on the first of each month.

It's designed for leadership and management groups willing to adept to the new paradigm of business integrity and corporate visioning.

Learn how to:

- Develop and Implement Higher Vibrational Corporate Goals
- Discern Truth and Integrity-Levels of Business Ideas, Partners and Products
- Implement New Adaptive Business Strategies
- Increase Financial Goals Through Synergy  
- Improve Your Corporate & Customer Communication
- Increase Visionary Precognition & Creativity
- Adept Marketing Strategies to a Changing World
- Develop Higher Customer & Employee Retention Rates  
- Teach Energy Reading Abilities to Sales & Human Resources  
- Build Stronger Team-Spirit & Fulfillment
- Create Higher Energy Levels
- Integrate Health, Spirit & Wellness Concepts
- Cultivate Overall Mindfulness Attitude

This customized online group intensive will challenge your leaders into reflecting on their personal goals and strengths, but also to grow beyond their personal limitations and responsibilities. Therefore, the motivational effect will be based on integrative personal transformation rather than temporarily ‘pumping up’.

The objective of this self-mastery boot camp for businesses is to align your key leadership and human resources employees to a new paradigm of energetically aware corporate spirit & identity.

This transformative Leadership Program has a tightly planned schedule consisting of meditation, personal energy sessions and group meetings, as well as group trainings integrating cutting edge energy coaching, mindfulness, and motivational training techniques.  

The Corporate Heart-Warrior program requires a strong dedication from your leadership.  

On-site corporate boot camps are available - please contact us for dates and rates if you prefer in person training.

Enrollment $6700 (includes 3 participants, all sessions, trainings, materials and lifetime online access)  - $1500 for each additional trainee.

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Please email us if you are not sure which option to choose: [email protected]


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