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Connecting with Divine Masculine & Feminine - Guided Energy Process


SHOP Divine Masculine & Feminine Process

by Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper
recorded by Scott Meadows

This guided energy work process is designed to practice the connection and inner balance of Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies. It is a guided process using a 60min guided visualization audio file. Instructions and mp3 files will be sent to upon sign-up.

The objective of this process is identifying, feeling and harmonizing inner imbalances.

As this modality allows us deepen the connection and harmonize our inner and outer Femininity and Masculinity it can also help to transcend role model and behavioral patterns, as well as dualistic thinking/belief patterns. It addresses inner and outer communication and can therefore be a very transformative tool for connecting with Self and others.

Please do not buy this process if you intend to participate in the group transMISSION, as it is included in the transMISSION fee. With this process you receive 25% Discount Voucher if you decide to join a group transMISSION later.


•Connecting with inner Masculine and Feminine Energies
•Releasing of energetic polarities/positionalities
•Healing of Disdain towards Masculinity & Femininity
•Overcoming limitations of dualistic thinking
•Balancing of inner male and female aspects
•Increased 3rd Eye perception and acceptance of all inner aspects

The resonance created through this energy process consists of a unique combination energetic connecting and merging modalities.

Prerequisite: None.

This power of this modality lies in its combination of the guiding voices and coded visualization techniques. It facilitates the dissolution of dualities and reconciliation.
The created space in our heart-center resembles and leads to our Sacred Heart-Space, but is often blocked by masculine or feminine aspects.

If needed, persistent disharmonic aspects can then be further addressed in 1on1  transCOACHING sessions or Remote Energy Clearing Sessions.

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