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CLEAN SLATE - Energetic Spring Clearing Special


Clearing Special - End of March - 18th April 2018

1 hour Remote Clearing Session inc. Energy Report - incl. 60 min Personal Energy Coaching optional

with Jeff Casper

On appointment only.

This special is designed for those who are currently feeling overwhelmed or not sure how to clear or return to their center, you are not alone.  And, if you find yourself seeking a bit of assistance in clearing your field to allow higher vibratory energies to aid you in change as well as to experience life with a fresh feel, not so burdened by all that has been occurring, I am offering the Energetic Clearings at a discounted price until the 18th of April.

This interactive remote energy session allows Jeff to become to assess your energetic system to determine where there are blocks in the flow of your energy.  Jeff will work with your energy to help remove or unwind these impediments to increase symmetry and proper energy flow in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or etheric part of your energy body.

The Energetic Clearing Session includes removing toxic energetic built-up, retracted negativity, fear or all other energetic attachments as they come forward during the session - and reconnecting with your Source.

Also, various psychological or behavioral patterns within you will be assessed.  These are typically unresolved or hidden issues – sometimes called shadow traits - that need to be integrated and understood. This session helps you to become consciously aware of your inner shadow traits, helps clear the negativity surrounding these patterns, and facilitates a more comprehensive integration of these aspects during your ongoing personal work and self-healing process.

Energetic Clearing processes are suitable for everyone. They can help to create a 'clean slate'  for old energies to be released and new manifestation energies to come in.

In the report Jeff will outline the energetic clearing work performed and make suggestions how to add to your ongoing self-healing efforts.

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