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GRACE Energy Sessions - Single Session

1 Hour Deep Energy Healing Session - scheduled with you

  • 1 h
  • 100 US dollars
  • Skype, Remote

Service Description

After you completed your GRACE Integrity Initiation Cycle, you can continue your journey with the following energy healing and training sessions: GRACE Energy Sessions are designed to systematically assist you with: - deeper connecting with your heart - self-awareness and self-mastery - increasing your spiritual connection & knowingness - conscious manifestation - releasing guilt & shame - clearing emotional attachments - basic inner fusion and defragmentation - trauma healing and recovery (addiction) - teaching you energetic perceptivity - self-clearing of hidden/unconscious blocks - integrating of unresolved emotions & experiences Three GRACE Healing Sessions are recommened to integrate each cycle. The twelve GRACE Cycles are designed as weekly sessions (can also be booked as complete GRACE SOUL SELF CYCLE in form of a one-year program). GRACE Integrity - Initiation (different price) GRACE Manifestation GRACE True Love GRACE Mental-Heart Fusion GRACE Sacral-Heart Fusion GRACE Trauma Clearing/GRACE Recovery GRACE Power Clearing GRACE Redemption GRACE Soul Unification GRACE Soul Monad GRACE Gaia Sophia GRACE Soul Integrity Your session comes with a live contact and reflection right after session.

Contact Details


Orlando, Florida, USA

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