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The program was created not only to help you embrace your spiritual journey and heart connection, but also to work towards bringing the work of the heart into your every day life at all levels. Within the program there are three different approaches to integrating living the spiritual or heart-aligned path on a day to day basis:


THE JOURNEY: 90-Day Boot Camp for Beginners

CONTINUED SELF-MASTERY: Full Access to all Energy Sessions & Weekly or Biweekly Personal Energy Coaching


COUPLE BOOT CAMP: 90-Day Boot Camp for Couples


TRANSFORMATION: 90-Day Individualized VIP Energy Training



Regardless of your background, whether you are a healing

professional yourself or an individual or couple with the desire

to expand your consciousness to a new level of integrative

understanding of self, becoming a Heart-Warrior will guide

you on how to give yourself an energetic 'reboot’ and break

through some of your road blocks or impasses holding you

back from manifesting your higher purpose in life.

No matter which timeline you choose, you will learn how to:



•               Clear Collective and Personal Programs

•               Feel your Heart

•              Reconnect & Ignite Meaning in Life

•               Resolve the Inner Battle (Addictions)

•               Physical Embodiment

•               Discern Energies

•               Read and Work Inner Energies

•               Identify False Aspects about Yourself and Others

•               Communicate your True Feelings

•               Dismantle some of your Ego Patterns

•               Activate your Self-Healing Abilities

•               Uncover your Unresolved Inner Triggers that can still control your Choices and Actions

•               Apply new Tools and Strategies to cope with your inner defenses and hard-wired reactions

•               Protect Your Etheric Energy better

•               Manifest your True Needs and Heart’s Desires

•               Connect with Your Higher Potential & Inner Power

















The Art of Transcending the Ego

Due to the condensed nature of this progam, a Heart Warrior goes through all processes that would normally stretch out over a course of many years, or sometimes life long, in a very short amount of time - the nature of this program is to a degree comparable with a sudden crisis. The ‘warrior’ aspect of this program is in the conscious and voluntary act of challenging the Ego. This challenge is often needed to break through persistent inner barriers and can also help to build new and expanded pathways for solution finding and creativity.


The objective behind the Heart-Warrior Program is to create a safe space for a person's healing and personal transformation process. Within the group of active Heart-Warriors, we are training amongst likeminded people with the same intention.


Our Ego is challenged on all levels: Mentally, Emotionally, spiritually and physically!


As a center-piece and pre-requisiste for building a deeper understanding for higher perception and self-mastery, we use the popular Sacred Self-Healing Journey: The Art of Transcending Ego & its Addictions to give us a daily structure to deal with arising tasks.

Personalized Programs


Program Services


If you are interested in moving your spiritual journey from books, workshops and your inner isolation into your 3D life with real people and true talk, free of agenda or rigid views, this ‘Spiritual Boot-Camp’ might be exactly what you have been looking for.


Specific Programs for Trauma Healing (Narcissistic/Toxic/Childhood Abuse), CoDependency Healing, Healer Healing and Empath Training for the awakening empath are recommendable if you can identify recurring issues in your life that are holding you back or impacting your physical health.


The Heart-Warrior Program is designed as kick-starter for your personal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical journey. It engages you in hands-on practices combining latest mindfulness and energy work techniques into powerful integrative self-transformation strategies. Also read: 'Becoming a Heart-Warrior'


"Every time I communicate with Jona and Jeff they are attentive, helpful, very organized and never "directive".

This is why I'm so appreciative of that approach, because it's about learning MY OWN inner guidance which I found was much more difficult to discern  before I started this program.  They clearly practice what they teach!


I have been incredibly pleased with the personal skills I am gaining.  The knowledge they have is based in several areas that I consider both clinical and metaphysical, which I am drawn to.  They have amazing skills for remote practice and have been on target with me each time.  The personal coaching is invaluable to me!"


S. - USA

"I'm grateful a modality as the Heart Warrior Program exists. For the past 20 years I've read several books relating to chakras, energy techniques, and spiritual practices/development without anyone to talk to, who not only had the background in these areas, but would work with me without judgment.


I'd say if one wants to "turbo charge" their spiritual journey with help in removing any roadblocks on your path than the Heart Warrior Program is certainly worth considering!"


B. - USA


Energy Clearing Sessions
Weekly Energy Coaching
Private Forum Access Energy Healing Sessions Weekly Energy Update Join The Sacred Self-Healing Program Now! Heart Warrior Cover Website Join Now! Weekly Newsletter & Planner Energy Nutrition Coaching Integrative Energy Education Session Reports & Follow Up Goal, Task & Journal Writing Physical Integration & Excercise SSHP 24 steps cover Self-Mastery Quote

Sacred Self-Healing 12-Month Journey:


The SACRED SELF-HEALING PROGRAM is a comprehensive learning & ongoing community education tool for Energy Work & Awareness development. If you are considering the Heart-Warrior Path, the Sacred Self-Healing Course is a very good way to start your journey applying regular meditation and self-reflection.

The Heart-Warrior Program is specifically designed for highly sensitive and empathic persons and uses remote energy modalities for deep integration of the highly educational course material. Experience with energy work is not needed for this program, however if you are interested you should be comfortable with daily meditation and deeper conscious work.

Check Program Details Become a Heart-Warrior Now! HEART-WARRIOR WEEK 11 Newsletter March 2016

"I am amazed at the amount of growth and gained perspective in just three short months. Was it easy? Not always. Was it worth it? Beyond anything you can imagine!


 The cutting edge knowledge and techniques that Jeff and Jona present through this course along with the dedication and care that participants receive is unlike anything else out there.

I am truly blessed to have been a part of this program.  I can honestly say I am a true Heart Warrior and can really feel it now!


C. – USA

" The Heart Warrior program is no child's play it is quite intense. I am actually experiencing some important shifts from within. "


J. - Ireland

Heart-Warrior New Beginning Couple Couple Boot Camp Details Read More Heart Warrior Corporate Boot Camp

Corporate Heart-Warrior

The objective of this self-mastery boot camp for businesses is to align your key leadership and human resources employees to a new paradigm of energetically aware and integrous corporate spirit & identity.


This customized online group intensive will challenge your leaders into reflecting on their personal goals and strengths, but also to grow beyond their personal limitations and responsibilities. Therefore, the motivational effect will be based on integrative personal transformation rather than temporarily ‘pumping up’.

Corporate Boot Camp Details