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Remote Prayer Session

Next Session:

Meet up 20 min prior

Participants :

27 (4 Children)



Welcome Prayer Group !


(This is a page for Remote Prayer Group Members Only)


We will be meeting on Skype for group faciliation and communicaiton during the session. Please arrive 25-20 min prior to session for silent pre-session.


The Skype link is: https://join.skype.com/GLEcSWQLPAo3


Instruction emails have been sent out to you.

Would be cool to have you in the session! THANK YOU! jona & Roger


Saturday, 24th November 2018 @10AM (EST)

CLICK HERE to go to Important Safety & Integrity Rules




To the Love & Peace within

I dedicate myself.


I AM one with my True Self -

The part in me that is unchanging, eternal and infinite.

I embrace change as evolutionary path of my being

and trust in my True Self to guide me

to unfold my highest potential.


I accept all limitations as learning experiences.

I forgive myself and others for the innocence and ignorance in the past

and feel nothing but gratitude for any opportunity to grow.


I am ready to embrace my responsibility

for all of my emotions and actions,

hidden sentiments and thoughts

and with it my power to act as co-creator of my reality.



I am willing to let go of

all unhealthy coping behaviors and addictive patterns

and the belief

that love comes from outside of me -

and especially that I have to be in a certain way to be lovable!


Illusions of my ego can only resonate with me

if I am not true to myself.


I am willing to see all as is!

Nothing and no one has the right to violate my integrity or boundaries!

I trust in my ability to sense anything or anyone compromising my power to regulate my energy.


Future Self,

Show me the path to my higher goals

and allow me to see through all veils and distractions of my ego-perception!


From here on I only want to see truth!

From here on I only want to act on my true goals!



Let me feel your guidance and empower me to trust

that I know what is true to me and what is no longer!


Show me solutions that reflect my highest potential

and help me to love myself and others even if I don't know how to get there!


Due to the power of alignment to my highest virtues and integrity,

I surrender all pain of staying where I am at

to remember that you will carry me through this time of uncertainty.



I am present in my heart at all times,

in any dimension or time,

and I consciously align my energy to the integrity of Divine Consciousness in me.




Now, I can rest in my heart,

as all there is left to do,

is to live and create

my life in Love.


Thank you.


by Jona Bryndis