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February 2023 Energy Forecast - The New Paradigm of Balance

February 2023 Energy Forecast

At first glance, February energies appear as calmer or slower than January, which has now received its fast-paced momentum. However, while we may experience more harmonic days that can allow us to better work things out with partners, friends, and coworkers, the overall energy of February is very intense and further building (until the end of April). Don't let yourself be fooled! February is not a month to cave in or continue to procrastinate!

February will come with multiple integrity and reality checks. So, stay on your toes and take responsibility for your own needs! The world is not there to provide you with what you want so that you can be you! You are designed to grow, and you already have the tools to do it. It's your turn now to come out of the woodwork and end your silent suffering! Step into your power to change what no longer serves you, and what is holding you back from growing! Claim what you need, and back it up with your sincere regard for truth and betterment. Instead of complaining, create something new - something beautiful! Be proactive and focus on what can help yourself and others to show up in your higher expression! This is how you can feel true belonging.

Of course, this isn't always easy. We all have fears to overcome. But we live in a reality now, where nothing we thought we could believe in stands with integrity. This is a huge opportunity for us to liberate ourselves from rigid, old patterns! Use this opportunity by weeding out what you believed you needed to do in order to belong. Test everything and everybody on their integrity and loyalty toward you. Allow others their beliefs and views, and see how you can learn more about yourself this way.

February comes with a lot of emotional themes, that can tap deep into your subconscious. Repressed fears and anger will begin to become more visible throughout. This can be a great time to resolve unconscious inner resistances. Outdated hopes and dreams need to be evaluated and reality-checked. Do you really still want this?! Check if your motivation and drive are still aligned with your inner truth!

Also, the push for more freedom, deeper relationships, and especially more spiritual connection will be very strong these days, therefore, it is also very important that you check on the people you want to do this with. We are now beginning to feel the need to work with others more, which is great, but this also comes with challenges. House and resource sharing will be big subjects in the near future, so start forming a better network and support system. Collaborating, and contributing to a greater-than-just-yourself-cause is highly rewarded these coming months!

Learn to more clearly express your needs and wants, along with good boundaries, and see how others will respond in a positive way. Pouting, mulling and withdrawing are coping strategies of the old paradigm. The new paradigm of truth has already begun - the more clear and balanced you become, the happier, and more fulfilling all your relationships will be!

The main challenge in this month is the many resistances that come in from the outside. Collective, political (the 'true war' will be revealed, China will enter the war, and new alliances will begin to form), economic, and sociological controversy themes will begin to burst out into open (see 2023 forecast video for more info).

Truth bombs from January will begin to sink in and more people will wake up to reality, in which it will be clear that the current leadership of their state/nation isn't going to be able to handle the demands of its populous. Currency issues will become a worldwide phenomenon creating the first calls for a currency reset and digitalization of money. The meaning of this will become clear around June and August 2023.

In February, I am seeing a very good opportunity for good investments (around 02/20/23). If you need to find investments, focus on investments that secure and provide natural resources, land, food, energy, and water. If you are looking for a home to live in, April will bring in a big shift in the worldwide real estate and mortgage market, so it might be wise to have this planned now!

Expect more protests, war-mongering, and even tendencies among people, nations, and allies! Sorry to point this out again, but the world is changing, and for the next 1,5 years, this will be our new 'normal'. Therefore, choose wisely who you affiliate with! Understand, that this 'bifurcation' I have been talking about for the past ten years, is now in full motion.

There are two different realities that people experience:

1. Organic - Self-Awakened, Holistic, Expansive & Self-Healing

2. Materialistic - Dependent, Exclusive, Dualistic & Restrictive

Our task in being here in a time like this is to manage and balance our energies enough to learn that we can trust in our inner-net (Divine WiFi). The ability to grow organically comes through the focus on our true inner powers to connect and co-create - that's it! The materialistic reality binds our energy to the 3D only, and therefore reduces our options dualistically (good or bad/ for or against) to a point where we feel and become! powerless.

In the coming weeks and months (until June) it will be very easy to get pulled into the lower expressions of the mainstream collective energy. Ground, calm and balance yourself more than you already do - and find support among like-minded with a heart you can trust!

Overall, this is a month that is good for planning, preparing, and checking if you are going in the right direction. Toward the end of the month, you will have a very clear picture of whom, with whom, and what beliefs or ideas you want to move into your future.

In ongoing energy sessions, workshops, meditations, and live talks this month, we will discuss the following self-healing topics:

- Unmet Needs & Inner Child Issues

- Attachment & Responsibility Issues (especially) in Relationships

- Integrity Checks- Aspects of Masculine & Feminine Energies (Approaches)

- Stress Resilience, Self-Healing & Biohacking

- Spiritual Identity

- The True Evolution of Humans

(To participate in our ongoing workshops, lectures, online meditations, and Energy Healing Sessions check out our Sacred Self-Healing Training or Heart-Warrior Training memberships. Sessions can also be individually booked (see events) or subscribed as monthly Energy Training Club membership. No prerequisites.)

As we go through those shifts in fast-forward our energy body prepares to go through those waves unaffected or with higher levels of resiliency by showing us our challenges (positive stress).

Resistance to change is often accompanied by a sudden emotional purging process, which helps us to let go of our illusions and projections by making us conscious of what we are holding on to. This inner balancing process will last until the end of May 2023. Latest by then, we must know what our inner truth feels like so that we can make the necessary choices.

Again, remember to stay in your heart and allow your heart's capacity to work out solutions for you. Be willing to follow your heart's guidance and observe your ego's collapse with a curious sense of knowing that your ego wants to keep everything the same!

Stay conscious!


Jona Bryndis

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