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Raising the Bar - July 2023 Forecast

Energy Forecast for July 2023 - July will feel intense (like 'fast and furious Part 2'!) The main theme will be about Relationships. In order to balance and embrace change as needed renewal, we need to step into change and weed out what is holding you back, so that we can actively and consciously replace it with what is needed for growth, especially in regard to our personal growth (watch the video, read the transcript below and listen to the new Energy Alignment Meditation).

In July 2023, we can expect a dynamic and transformative energetic landscape that invites us to embrace change, both internally and externally. Guided by a strong impulse to free ourselves from old patterns and dependencies, we will feel the need to finally step into our authentic power. This month holds the potential for profound personal and social growth as we navigate the ever-shifting currents of energy and consciousness. However, it requires a crystal-clear understanding of the inner and outer workings of the systems we are dealing with, such as family and relationship dynamics, health aspects, legal and geopolitical power struggles, financial collusions, earth changes, cosmological impulses, and spiritual perspectives.

The energies of July carry a sense of expansion and liberation, urging us to break free from limitations and explore new horizons so that we can better align our actions with our true values. It is a time to reassess our goals, dreams, and aspirations and take bold steps towards manifesting them. The universe is supporting us in aligning with our true purpose and expressing our unique gifts and talents. Don't be surprised if you discover unexpected or undervalued talents that you didn't know you had!

However, this period may also bring up challenges and intensity as we confront unresolved issues and aspects of ourselves that need healing. It is an opportunity to face our shadows, release old traumas, and embrace self-compassion and forgiveness. Proper emotional processing of our new insights is needed; otherwise, we will tend to take words too personally and get pulled into our old patterns again. The energy of July will provide the necessary support for inner work and transformation, enabling us to move forward with greater clarity and authenticity, especially through the support of like-minded people in our lives.

Relationships will play a significant role during this time, as the energies encourage deepening connections and fostering meaningful partnerships. However, existing connections will also be tested, and we will have to learn who we can count on and let go of those who are not willing to see us as we are today. It is a good time to cultivate open and honest communication, resolve conflicts, and create harmonious dynamics through 'Care-Frontations,' but also to refine our expressions so as not to hurt other people's feelings unnecessarily. Your existing relationships may undergo a testing phase until October this year, so focus on whether your relationships are conducive to transformation and growth. If not, let them go!

At the same time, surprising new connections that align with our higher purpose may enter our lives. There are plenty of opportunities to experience a new depth in your relationships and romantic connections this month - make sure you allow the balance between progress and depth!

On a global scale, the energies of July may bring to light societal issues, injustices, power imbalances, and shifting power alliances. Earthquakes are highly possible this month, both in nature and politics! New revelations can activate a critical mass momentum that can burst existing restrictions and lead to a new outlook on societal orders. In that, there is a great opportunity for collective healing and transformation as we collectively address and seek to rectify these imbalances. It is a time to stand up for TRUE social justice, equality, and inclusivity (terms that have been highjacked to create political division) and work towards creating a more harmonious, heart-centered, and sustainable world as one.

The energies of July also support creative expression and innovation. It is a fertile time for artistic endeavors, entrepreneurial ventures, and bringing new ideas and groundbreaking innovations into reality. Trust your intuition and allow your creative inspiration to guide you in exploring uncharted territories. Make new business plans, develop a new health routine, and allow space for growth!

Self-care and self-nurturing practices are essential during this transformative period. Prioritize your well-being and create space for rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. Connect with nature, engage in mindfulness practices, and listen to your body's wisdom. This will help you maintain physical and emotional balance and integrate the powerful energies of July. However, the increasing bombardment on our mental capacity to process these rapid transformations asks us to increase our discernment through education and higher learning!

July is a good month for starting something new to raise the bar and open new horizons!

In summary, July 2023 offers a potent combination of expansion, transformation, and creative potential. Watch the video for an in-depth energy analysis, important dates and Chakra information.

Embrace change, heal unresolved aspects, and step into your authentic power. Cultivate meaningful connections, advocate for social justice, and unleash your creativity. Take care of yourself and honor the transformative energies that are guiding you toward personal and collective growth.

Stay Conscious!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

My energy forecasts can provide a powerful tool for gaining insight into the energetic currents and patterns that are influencing us. By tuning into the subtle energies that surround us, we can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and take steps to navigate them with greater clarity and ease. I approach energy forecasts from a holistic perspective that takes into account the interplay of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. I draw upon a range of tools and techniques, including emotional tension levels, astrology, energy coding, and intuitive guidance, to provide a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the complex energies at play.

My energy readings are not intended to be predictions in the traditional sense, but rather a means of providing guidance and insight into the energy currents that are shaping our lives. By understanding these energies, we can gain a greater sense of empowerment and make more informed decisions that align with our highest good. Whether you are seeking guidance on your personal journey, or are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the energies that are shaping the world around us, an energy reading, forecast, or talk from transCODES Energy Healing can provide valuable insights and tools for growth and transformation.

Breakdown of Primary Energy Resonance





  1. To change the position of one's body, especially because one is nervous or uncomfortable.

  2. Change the emphasis, direction, or focus of.


The word "shift" comes from Old English "sciftan," which means to arrange, divide, or apportion. It has Germanic origins and is related to the German word "schichten," which means to layer or stratify. In Middle English, "shift" had the sense of changing or replacing, which gave rise to its various noun senses, such as changing one's clothes or relays of workers.

Contemplations in July:

To understand the meaning of this energy code, let go of holding on to what was and focus on what comes next instead. Instead of wasting your energy on criticizing or ruminating about past or future challenges, take a moment to realize how far you have come.

Focus on:

  • Who you are NOW.

  • What you need NOW.

  • What can bring and express more growth, health, or love through what you do

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