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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

What is Etheric Reconciliation?


Reconciling etherically is a powerful energy work tool, to help us coming to peace with parts of ourselves or persons in our life with whom we feel we cannot find closure with. For example: Your own Past Self or Persons who influenced our past, but are no longer part of our life or who are deceased, ex-partners with whom we cannot/don't want to talk to or people in our lives whom we want to actively resolve conflicts but don't know how to approach it.

The two most common examples for when an Etheric Reconciliation is recommended are:

- Current change in situation, challenge, or crisis that brings unconscious patterns to the surface

- Experienced self-growth that might trigger you wanting to reconcile with your past-self

Other reasons for engaging in a conscious etheric reconciliation can come from a need for closure with certain people or energies in your life, such as:

- Deceased Persons, Relatives, Ancestors, Friends

- Persons which whom we have seemingly irreconcilable differences with

- Persons with which an in-person reconciliation would do more harm than good

- Persons with which an in-person reconciliation could (re)traumatize you or them

- Persons or Energies who are not known to you

- Persons who are etherically stalking/abusing you

- Ex-Partners whom you still feel (unwanted) ties with or pain memory with

More general reason/motivation to do a conscious etheric reconciliation process with yourself can also be your ongoing self-discovery and self-healing journey, especially in regards to cutting karmic ties.

Karmic Patterns & Propensities

In order to get a better understanding of our own Karma, we may need to do a little bit of taking inventory. This requires the willingness to look at our past so that we can understand our present and change our future. Karma can often imply that we are caught in the very same patterns over and over again. This is what we call a 'Karmic Propensity.' It describes the energetic pull to repeat a certain lesson until it's resolved.

Karmic patterns can sometimes be the result of our own choices in life, or can also be inherited and extend out several generations. In our Karmic Family Clearing, we are specifically addressing those Karmic Propensities handed down within families. Within this process, we are focused on the clearing of the ties and binds within our relationships.

According to mystic schools, karma cannot really be changed, as it represents an energetic 'debt' that has to be 'paid'. However, energetically, through becoming aware of our karmic patterns and working with them, we are able to identify some of these karmic aspects consciously. This will not only expedite the resolution of these aspects but also can increase our consciousness level.

By consciously looking and working on our karmic propensities, we can learn to change our view of life and that of others. We can learn to develop compassion and gratitude for every experience and lesson learned. We can learn to transcend judgment, develop true forgiveness, and develop or enhance the ability to let go of what is not serving anymore.

Karmic Relationships

As our overall perception of energy increases, we become more aware of the complexity of programs and patterns, especially within our relationships. These patterns not only affect our romantic relationships, but also those with our children, friends, parents, and co-workers. In addition, for some of you, the existence and effect of past life relationships can also be important in this context.

In general, it remains difficult for us to know where to begin when making changes in regards to our relationship patterns. The interchange of energies between two or more people is very complex and not fully aware to us. With growing discernment and connection to our heart, we may be able to identify what is affecting us at a given moment. However, since we are not only dealing with our own hidden patterns but those of others as well; it can be difficult to find resolutions.

The more we learn to feel and connect to our heart-center, the more we are able to get in touch with our true nature – our inner divine aspect, or True Self. This is vital to energy work in general. With this connection, we learn to trust in our inner knowing rather than insisting on our reactive mental/emotional ego-patterns.

Making changes in life is a process and not an event.

For myself, etheric reconciliation is part of my ongoing clearing and integration regimen. Related processes, such as karmic clearings and redemption sessions are highly transformative and should be part of your consciousness journey.

Check out our Energy Awareness Programs if you want to know more!

Thank you!

Jona Bryndis


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