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High Frequency Manifestation NOW!

Updated: May 12, 2023

Due to the challenging inner and outer transformation speed in our current timeline, I am occasionally offering n|ergyBoost specials for all who are finally ready to bust through old barriers and make serious changes in their lives. March 2023 offers the perfect opportunity as it comes with the highest frequency manifestation energies of the year.

While similar services from other energy coaches may use similar techniques, I cannot speak for other energy healers. However, I can systematically break down how I conduct those highly transformative remote energy sessions and show you how this deep inner self-healing work happens.

(example for the energetic impact on a specific day)

In general, Remote Energy transMISSION work is designed for you to internalize your experiences. In n|ergyBoost Sessions a person is supposed to find and follow his/her own inner guidance in regards to what the future will bring for them - free of conditioning, attached or blocking preoccupations. To trust in this inner guidance fully requires a little practice, but works amazingly well, especially when facilitated with the help of a trained energy coach.

Different from regular ongoing interactive Remote Energy transMISSIONS (check out our 30-Day Energy Training Club Pass if you want to train your energy on a regular basis) an n|ergyBoost Session works based on the high energy frequency the energy coach transmits. This is an interactive energy transmission. There is no invocation or pre-alignment that happens before the session. Your part in this n|ergyBoost session is to make yourself available for 20 minutes and self-report.

The objective of n|ergyBoost sessions is to boost your energetic system to rewire itself according to your higher potential. In order for this to happen in a balanced way, it needs to happen in all dimensions of yourself simultaneously. For this purpose, it is important to involve all 5 different layers of yourself:

Physical - Sensations

Emotional - Feelings

Mental - Mindsets

Spiritual - Beliefs

Energetic - Responses

Personal growth and healing always include three fundamental processes: Removing, Internalizing, and Forming a New Routine based on higher levels of well-being. Until we can realize how to bring ourselves into this higher expression of ourselves, we sometimes need a little boost to gain more clarity to better prioritize our efforts and to know what to focus on or where to start.

(example for what to focus on overcoming for this day)

Each n|ergyBoost Session (daily for 10 days/same time) has a different effect on our system, depending on the personal situation. With each and every session there will be a Clearing, Connecting, and Integrating phase through which it will become more and more obvious to you which path to take. Similar to Energetic Tune-Up Sessions, there are three phases to the higher energy transformation process:

1. Clearing, Releasing & Becoming Aware of Resistance

- removing inner blocks and confusion via mental & emotional processing and insights, often accompanied by physical releases

2. Connecting, Internalization & Feeling

- making the unconscious conscious - via feeling through the heart and discerning what is true to us, often accompanied by emotional releases

3. Integrating, Implementing & Actualizing

- more practical and pragmatic, via trusting and listening to inner guidance, often accompanied by critical internal dialog

There is no hierarchy or order in which we process our ability to tap into our inner guidance. However, some aspects of early childhood conditioning are heavily anchored in our physical body and cell memory. Part of these n|ergyBooster sessions is to recondition your body, which is why they take place daily at the same time of the day. Physical conditioning is best accomplished through a vigorous routine (same exercise at the same time of the day.) It will teach the densest part of yourself to become more receptive when initiated by a 'ritual' of your choosing.

I recommend that you pick the exact same (conscious) body position, ambiance, and situation (e.g. lying on your bed, sitting in your favorite chair, or sitting at your favorite nature spot, etc.) Try to find a context in which you can imagine continuing to do your own high-energy transformation sessions after the 21-day booster period.

Transformation is a very personal process! Therefore, your personal contextualization will depend on your attention and the energy coach you work with. Ultimately the goal of tapping into the path that leads you to the unfolding of your highest potential is driven by your willingness to grow, which leads back to your own self-healing power.

Connect, let go of the old, and experience yourself manifesting miracles!

(example for personal guidance for the day)

If this speaks to you, and you feel the impulse to work with me as your energy coach you must be willing to dedicate yourself to a daily energy transformation discipline - at least for 14 days. During those days you will receive a Daily Energy Boost Message & Energy Transfer'. Together, you and I will set a goal, keep track and practice how to energize the change you want to manifest. This program comes with two 1,5 hrs Energy Coaching sessions (before and after).

Your daily ENERGY BOOST sessions will show you how to focus your energy in 20-minute remote energy transmission sessions to clear stagnation and focus on your higher expression. It will allow you to get past emotional, mental, and spiritual confusion and allow you to discover your self-mastery and manifestation abilities.

Email or text me if you have any questions. A free initial energy coaching session can be scheduled if you would like to talk to me personally.

Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my energy awareness training class click here, for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here. To participate in our ongoing workshops, lectures, online meditations, and Energy Healing Sessions check out our Sacred Self-Healing Training or Energy Training Clubmembership. No prerequisites.

Please come to our live Energy talks on Wednesdays @12PM (EDT) on our Daily Sacred Self Skype Channel - or watch the recordings on my Youtube Channel.


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