How Energy Awareness Training Works

Updated: Jul 27

What to expect when diving into the inner world of Perception

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to not just blindly trust in what the world presents us as reality. We need to learn how to find and use the inner power that can show us the light that gives us the courage and belief in ourselves, to grow into our Higher Self instead of becoming an unwilling instrument of change.

When you allow yourself to enter the unconscious inner world of your perception, you can learn how to navigate the labyrinth of your unconscious.

"Know thyself"

By realizing that you already have all tools in you, you begin to experience yourself in this new light - no longer through the eyes of others! Expect to be surprised and amazed about what it feels like to have an inner compass for how truth, inner peace, true love, true purpose and the energy to manifest your dreams and hope feels like from within! But also know, that this journey is not a short-cut or magical solution to real-life problems! As you learn how to navigate through the layers of your physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual reality bit by bit, you will be taught how to harness the power of your consciousness and energetic reality, but also the sincerity that this sacred teaching requires of you. 

You will relearn to calm your mind, meditate, exercise, nurture, and communicate yourself authentically so that you can feel safe in your skin no matter what your surroundings. You will uncover your own and other people's deceptions and manipulations, as well as learn how to prevent unwanted energetic ties and binds. By diving deep into the energetic dimension of yourself you will begin to understand what truly holds you back, and why you couldn't detect the unconscious agenda of your ego-self without guidance.


There will be many moments during this course when you will be challenged by your ego. You will feel raw and vulnerable many times, but at the same time, you will also experience the relief of not having to be afraid or needing to someone other than you truly are. There are very deep inner experiences ahead of you (n|ergy stands for the inner experience of your energetic reality). They will teach you how to invite your higher inner guidance and how to better trust in your own senses. The way this course works can assist you on all of these levels of self-discovery and lead you to self-mastery. In fact, you can look forward to many empowering and transformative new insights!


Your n|ergy Journey will take you on your heart's path of self-discovery, reflection, and healing. Showing you previously unknown, unexplored, and hidden treasures within you will help you to love the deeper dimensions of yourself. The course experience will gently guide you on how to take your power back and train you on how to work with this new understanding of yourself in your practical life.

With every module the n|ergyCourse will help you to build your own roadmap to better understand your own energy and how to navigate the complexities of your life. Be curious about discovering your hidden strengths and true talents that your ego blocks from you! You will learn how to identify and overcome your personal blocks,  and how to remove and even prevent them from misguiding you.  But most importantly, it will show you the way to taking your power back that you never thought you had, that you lost or that was taken away from you!

Enjoy this sacred n|ergy journey of getting to know your inner roadmap to your Higher Self! Recognize the humanness in yourself and others, and come to the understanding that this initiation into the true reality of Self is not a recipe for quick success or quick-fix - there are no shortcuts! The reward can lead you to true connection, true freedom, true love, true purpose, and lasting fulfillment. By tapping into the secrets of life through acknowledging the greater energetic reality trained through your heart awareness (not mind) this Higher Learning experience can show you what is not true, not love, and not light. It is designed for you, honest truth-seeker, who chooses to make a difference in this world by becoming a conscious presence self first. 

 Start your new journey by giving your curiosity a place to go.


Are you ready?



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The n|ergy Course teaches self-guidance-based modalities that allow you to explore and train the mechanics of your perception systematically. It will teach how to detect projection, how to prevent unnecessary energy from others,  increase your energetic immune system, how to withstand etheric distraction, and how to raise your vibration in general. Learning how to detect and discern incoming energies is vital in times of powerful collective overlay! Especially for those of you concerned about the mind-control-type overlay. 

Simultaneous learning, experiencing, and understanding of energetic visioning trains our energy system and enhances inner signaling when and where it occurs. Meta-Learning or 'higher learning' is a way to experience and witness our own energies so that we can better connect and direct our own energies. The practical application of this training module is to become able to identify what makes us susceptible to our own and other people's projections.

Throughout the entire learning process of this course; before (reading and aligning); during (experiencing) and after (contextualizing, sharing, and integrating) our neuroplasticity will be activated and reformed. It assists us by increasing our awareness and trust in our inner energies and activates our natural ability to navigate and maneuver the different dimensions of our higher consciousness. 

The included coded energy processes will guide us through basic techniques of entering your inner worlds. It will allow our energy to attune to our intuitive understanding of our inner energies and will facilitate the energetic congruence needed to energetically vision in a natural and projection-free manner.

The objective of this course is to learn how to actively engage in exploring and familiarizing ourselves with the basics of inner etheric maneuvering and balancing techniques in order to better understand the dynamics of our own energies. Through this process of beginning to map out our personal inner world, we are not only getting to know ourselves from an entirely new perspective but also becoming empowered to better discern between inner and outer energies, which will ultimately lead us to better protect our personal energy field.

Do not be afraid of exploring your inner energies!

Here, you can learn how these translate into 3D life and how you can use this deeper energetic understanding to decode what is holding you back from manifesting a life according to your highest potential.

I am looking forward to exploring your higher consciousness with you!

Relax and look forward to this systematic and structured training course with online lessons, live energy sessions, and webinar training!

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Jona Bryndis

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