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Fresh Start - How to Change & Create a New Future?

As humans, we have this phenomenal ability to change our future in an instant. Why aren't we using this power to shift our timelines more consciously? Because nobody told us we could! Read here, how to use your power of consciousness to choose a fresh start.

The first step in understanding the nature of the 'future' is seeing ourselves as a composition of simultaneous and entangled present, past, and future selves. Clearly, what is past is past, but what lies in our future is not yet carved in stone. We influence the way our future takes on form by using our conscious choice. We all know, how this goes! As soon as we can muster enough courage to become cocreators of our future, we can learn that our future indeed originates IN US.

If we want to learn to trust in the guidance coming from our future selves, we first need to be tune-in with our true selves.

But in order to fully internalize the power of changing our future, we first need to understand the fabric of our past and how it brought us here. Understanding ourselves and making sense of our past is essential for tapping into our intuitive ability to make conscious choices. There are a few barriers we need to overcome.

Our ego controls us with the memory of pain in the past and the fear of the future. Once we understand this unconscious mechanism in us, we can understand why we keep repeating the same painful experiences. We are caught in the middle of not wanting to feel pain, and not knowing how to overcome the fear of the unknown!

To get all these different parts of Self into the same boat, our PRESENT aspects are probably the most painful to look at – they are the ones that cause the visionary blockage in us. We feel stuck in what is NOW and often wonder if we are stuck in the wrong life. We simply don’t how to move on.

Consciousness work, which is nothing but becoming more aware of our daily thoughts, sentiments, and actions, can allow us to break this vicious karmic cycle. As we make an effort to understand ourselves better and work toward a life that expresses our True Selves, we also begin to see new potentials in us. To overcome the barrier of retrocausality (the connection between our unconscious manifestation of what we are most familiar with) we need to face the chasm between who we thought we had to be and who we truly are.

However, as many of us know, looking at what is without judgment, pain, guilt, shame or fear is exactly what triggers our ego struggles, and so, without more conscious choices, we tend to recreate our problems by seeing into our future with the clarity needed to trust in our ability to naturally manifest the life we want.

Wanting to change requires us to be okay with NOT having found the right approach yet.

Our PAST aspects are mainly dominated by pain memory stored in our energy system. It is difficult to not see ourselves as the result of our past, but the past is not the cause of our struggle! Our struggle is the energetic, mental, and emotional flashback our ego triggers in our emotional pain body when incoming energies hit our unresolved inner conflicts. This is, why reconciling with our past and all the people, places, and experiences we used to be attached to, and that formed our early (ego) identity is the main healing task if we want to create a new future for ourselves (and our collective). We need to learn to be comfortable with our present selves knowing that we are still in training, even if we are not living the optimal life yet.

Letting go of the grip of the past is imperative and fear of the future is imperative!

If we want to create a new future for ourselves we first need to strip these old burdens that we have been carrying around with us. This becomes easier if we see ourselves as energetic beings because can realize how much of our energy is/has been occupied by our past experiences. It increases our chances to become able to invite higher vibratory solutions and thus plays a major role in unifying ourselves.

The remaining obstacle in trying to access information about our FUTURE and what’s in our highest good can be overcome by withstanding the temptation to seek it. All we need is to set ourselves straight with ourselves in the NOW: Consciously counteracting negative thoughts with a loving internal attitude toward ourselves and making more conscious choices!

The more experience you have with navigating your inner worlds and reading your own energy the easier it becomes to untangle the entangled. The more can free ourselves from the pain of the past and fear of the future, the more potentials we can see – DIFFERENT TIMELINES even - and we will realize that it’s all up to us now!

Trusting in our Future Self is the Consequence of Embracing All Parts of Our Self.

If you want to learn how to reset and start fresh with a new conscious awareness of what future you are manifesting, consider joining our High-Frequency Nergy|Boost Program, a daily energy transfer and reflection on your personal energy for 21 days. Learn more about Nergy|Boost Sessions here. The next cycle starts with the coming new moon on May 19, 2023 (daily at 11.30 AM (EDT).

Learn how to change and create a new future for yourself by holding your energy in a higher vibratory state and managing your energy according to the future you want!

Stay conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my energy awareness training class click here, for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here. To participate in our ongoing workshops, lectures, online meditations, and Energy Healing Sessions check out our Sacred Self-Healing Training or Energy Training Clubmembership. No prerequisites.

Please come to our live Energy talks on Wednesdays @12PM (EDT) on our Daily Sacred Self Skype Channel - or watch the recordings on my Youtube Channel.

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