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It is in the moment we attempt to silence ours egos and begin to focus within that the connection to ourselves can strengthen.  Through the practice of stilling the mind and settling ourselves, we develop the art of connecting with our heart instead and listening to our inner guidance.


In this stillness, we can focus on being in the now.  Not the fretting over the past or worrying about what will be, but feeling out what is in the very moment.  It is a letting go of the day and what or who we think we are for a few minutes and feeling out what truly is.  Through this, we will be able to sense more, feel our own energy and body by just settling in and letting go...accepting what is.  By accepting what is, we can go deeper within.


Meditation, or contemplation through focusing on the moment, does not have to be a regulated or directed activity.  It can be done by sitting quietly in contemplation, walking through nature, simple activities, or even praying.  This practice is essential to anyone who is trying to become more connected with themselves, the celestial, or Divinity


It is very common to feel our mind and ego resist, when we start meditating, and we begin to realize the amount of thoughts that come up when we try to go into silence.  If we really begin to feel out these thoughts, we will see that the majority come on their own and are not really attached to us.  It is as if there is a constant dull flow of mental dribble occurring without us really doing anything.  Once we can accept this, it allows us to disengage a bit more from our mind and with it from our emotions triggered through these thoughts as they can feed one another quite quickly.


If we can integrate meditation as a daily discipline, it becomes part of us, and we begin to have a part of the day dedicated to being in the now and letting go.  It becomes easier for us to sense the feelings of connectedness and typically this flows past the meditation time adding more calmness and connectedness to our lives.  If practiced long enough, the meditative state in which we feel centered in the now, and through our hearts, becomes the normal state.  In this, we can live our lives with more purpose and awareness.  


If you are asking for one simple thing or activity you could do to really change your life, I would tell you to start meditating.  Sit down in a comfortable chair with soft music or a metronome and dedicate 20-30 minutes each day to connecting.  Let your thoughts go, focus on the moment before the thoughts, and be patient.  In time, you will begin to feel more connected with yourself and more at peace.


© by Jeff Casper

Meditation Tools

Meditation, Energy Alignment & Perception

Daily Meditations


If we haven't consciously experienced the stillness of mind and emotion yet, then ‘Why Meditate?’ is a very valid and honest question.


Meditation is used for many things, but most importantly, it is used to silence the mind and with it the ego.



Heart Expansion

Meditation Tools

By Accepting what is,

we can go deeper within.

Collection of four 30 min Theta and Delta metronome variations (no music)  created from an organic and living sound coded with a human heart-field.

Custom Alignments

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Guided Processes

5-Minute-Energy Alignments are spoken  coded invocations followed by calming background music.

Listen to our guided energy process intros:

Meditation, Consciousness & Vision

While meditating stimuates our pineal gland we often experience energetic sensations and sometimes visual impulses. These can come from our inner mind’s eye but sometimes also been seen with eyes wide open. Many of you believe about themselves that they don’t see anything and yet can describe the most intricate feelings and associations during a session or mediation…There is a distinct difference between seeing, visioning and perceiving.


The intensity in which we perceive (be it visual, auditory, feeling based or tactile) mainly depends on our mental and emotional state, the amount of overlay and our perceptive aptitude. However, since our brain is somewhat slow in processing perceptions, i.e. constantly tries to create linearity, it is possible that the reason why we feel that some sessions are more visual-> less feeling and vice versa is because we simply can’t process them simultaneously.  For someone whose perception is mainly visual, the tendency is to get caught in the vast amount of multidimensional traffic in the astral field; whereas for someone with feeling based perception, the tendency is to get caught in his emotional field or if protection mechanisms are in place in the mental field.


‘Not seeing anything’ doesn’t necessarily mean that we didn’t perceive anything; it just means that the incoming info is locked up for us. It is not about the ability to see, but the ability to bypass our unconscious filters and blockages that determines our perception. With our IAM Breathing Technique we teach a very basic energy tool, that can allow anyone to learn how to balance and consolidate inner energies.


Learning how to identify and work with our inner energies is a very important step for accessing our higher abilities, such as self-healing, inner guidance and manifestion. For this we need to train our energy system to feel comfortable with the experience of stillness in our mind, so that our consciousness can come forward and observe the mind rather than just experiencing thinkingness.


In our observation resides the key for higher perception. Through regular alignment to our consciousness we eventually become the observer and experiencer at the same time...


Once we developed the habit of enjoying this inner stillness of our heart on a daily basis, meditation does not need to be a planned activity anymore. We can meditate while walking, cleaning or simply by contemplating our daily experience while accessing our higher vibratory state of consciousness. 


The more experienced we are, the faster we can access higher states of consciousness.


Enjoy our meditations tools and dive with us into the depth of your personal perception

The energy field of a person who meditates regularly appears more defined, balanced and consolidated. It is stronger in its radiance and often more protected from outer energies.


Internally, meditation and contemplation can allow us to connect deeper with who we truly are - it can provide us with clarity, inner guidance and vision.

Meditation and contemplation are important disciplines for working with the faster vibratory rates of our higher consciousness. Depending on our experience level, spiritual alignment and consciousness training, different sounds, words, frequencies can affect our overall energy.


Our meditation based self-training course practices the development of a  daily mediation habit. It helps to deepen the inner experience, reconnect with inner self-healing powers, increases perception and guides through a 24 Step Sacred Self-Healing Journey.

Listen to this excerpt of our Golden Ball Heart Expansion Meditation Exercise.

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Energy Alignments

ENERGY PRAYERS - are 10-Minute Energy Alignments consisting of a coded invocation (spoken by Jona Bryndis) with an added 4hz Theta Metronome.


Each Energy Prayer resonates on a different frequency and can be used as needed.

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This personalized energy alignment tool is a meditation that is attuned to your personal energy field, based on the resonances needed at a certain time.

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