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Basic Energy Tools

I AM Breathing Technique                             (c) Jona Bryndis



For immediate stress relief, centering your energy in your heart-center and increasing your vibratory rate in coherence with your heart-field, we recommend this simple conscious breathing technique (developed by Jona Bryndis).


Many peple practice this breathing technique in difficult situations, at the beginning of their meditation/transMISSION and for shifting your energy back to your heart at any time. As futher tool for resolving energetic stress and learning how to identify and work our inner energies we recommend our ENERGETIC PERCEPTION INTENSIVE and Sacred Self-Healing Program (12-Month Self-Study course with personal energetic coaching support). Also, click here to check on our selection of more than 35 different private and group based remote energy self-healing session.



1. As you breathe in, visualize pulling down your excess

energy from your upper Chakras (throat, 3rd eye and crown)

- basically your mental energy - into your heart-center.

Try this a few times before you move on ...


2. Simultaneously (still during in-breath) you are pulling up

all the excess energy out of your lower chakras (solar plexus,

navel and root) upward into your heart-center.


3. Now...practice holding it for a 1-2 seconds and exhale

slowly....as you exhale...try to visualize releasing all energies

sideways...at first quickly, later you can experiment with

slower pace - wider and wider.


4. Once you mastered the directing of energies...the hard part begins: As you breathe in you are sounding out loud: 'I' and as you breathe out, you are saying 'AM'.



The last part requires a bit of practice, unless we are trained we are not used to sounding while inhaling... This will sound a bit weird as it forces you to open your throat while breathing in.


Apart from balancing your energies in your heart-center and increasing your heart-coherence field, the IAM Breathing also opens and clears the throat chakra.


Observe the flow of energy and what it does to your mental and emotional energy at that moment. If you can focus on energies like gratitude and appreciation while practicing the IAM Breathing, the exercise becomes even more effective.

























'I AM' breathing is a simple energy shifting technique and can be used in any situation in life, even

around people. It focuses our energy in our heart-center and literally disrupts the energy of excessive thinking or emotionality. Like the center of our galaxy the heart-center can function as a vortex and 'invert' imbalanced energies.



Enjoy this gift!












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Energetic Stress Relief through

Conscious Heart-Breathing

Shifting Alignment

Another way to change our inner energy to higher levels is to shift our alignment. Like a filter our perception of a situation, person or self is subject to our Inner Alignment.




5 min long spoken and coded energy invocations followed by calming background music.

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ENERGY PRAYERS - are 10-Minute Energy Alignments consisting of a coded invocation (spoken by Jona Bryndis) with an added 4hz Theta Metronome.


Each Energy Prayer resonates on a different frequency and can be used as needed.

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Shifting Energy

Energetically seen, everything is ‘just’ energy and a matter of shifting our energetic state to a faster vibratory rate. In a higher state more solutions become available to us.


Most of our stressful states are the result of stuck or excess mental or emotional energies. Energy Work can be a wonderful addition to other modalities and effective tool to lower our stress levels, anxiety, reactivity, silence our mind or depen our experience during meditation.


If we can learn to clear and balance our inner energies, we can learn to shift from reacting to responding, which allows to identify patterns and change our life.



Everything can heal, provided we re-learn how to activate our inner  Sacred Heart connection and our higher vibratory capacity!