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Healing Circles

Remote Healing Circles

Monthly Session


1.  Healing our inner connection with our primary source of energy  

    (Femininity for females; Masculinity for males)


2.  Reinstating the balance of both energy sources within


Our early identification with masculine or feminine traits and their role model behaviors often leads to a separated view of how we ‘should be’ (inner) and how ‘we should do' or view things (outer). From an energetic viewpoint this can lead to unconscious programming limiting the unfolding of our true potential.


Whenever we find ourselves in resistance with our ego mind’s projection of ourselves, we are typically dealing with masculine & feminine programs of what is commonly assumed to be ‘appropriate’ for a man or a woman’, depending on our particular cultural group.

Often, what’s acceptable in one group is not acceptable in another group, and so forth. Therefore, in context with aligning to who we really are, any identification or labeling limits our perception of Self.


A lot of how we perceive the connection with the Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/ Masculine Principle within depends on our level of emotional and mental processing. Inner Child, Critical Inner Voice, but also Sexuality, Trauma and Shadow-Work can clearly be linked to this subject and will be triggered in most of us.


Mother and Father Principles are not only the archetypal manifestations of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies within us, but also indicators of how much we are in tune with ourselves as women or men; as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, relationship partners and friends.


Naturally, this healing process involves our relationships, memories, emotions and possibly unresolved issues with our Mothers and Fathers, but more so allows to address our core dualistic aspects within. To read more about this subject click here

Guided Process

For deeper connecting and balancing work we recommend our guided Energy Work Process




Divinity, Feminine Spirit, Masculine Spirit and Divine Love are inherent in all human beings – no matter whether we are male or female. We were created out of the union of both aspects of divine spirit and we all have both aspects of Divinity within us. Only through the reconciliation and 'marriage' of our inner male and female aspects we are beginning to find inner balance and with it inner and outer harmony.


To overcome this inner separation and fully connect with our Inner Divinity and the unfolding of our full energetic potential we need to understand the importance of:

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Sat,  8/18/18 @3-6 PM (MDT)


Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies

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Divine Masculine Energies

Remote Healing Circles are monthly workshops events. The main focus of this combination or ENERGY SESSION (men and women separately) and LIVE WEBINAR (all)  is to re-connect and balance our inner and outer Femininity and Masculinity by utilizing HEALING RESONANCES specificly coded to activate our Divine Masculine & Feminine connection. The changing focus of our monthly workshops  allows for a deeper illumination and education on specific aspects of Femininity and Masculinity.


The Remote Healing Circle's objective is to involve you into learning how to actively participate and communicate your self-healing process through connecting with your inner Divine Masculine & Feminine energies.


This intense HEALING-WORKSHOP format consists of a three-fold process:


1. Experiencing the Healing Frequency first-hand in a 1 hour remote energy transMISSION


2. Reflecting and journaling in a 30 min break in between sessions


3. Interacting, learning and asking questions about the energetic aspects of this Energy Frequency

    and your personal experiences in a 90 min live Webinar with other participants and continued in

    our transMISSION Forum




Main aspects addressed in the Remote Healing Circles:



-Balancing Divine Feminine/Masculine

-Identifying hidden aspects and inner patterns

-Letting go of incoming resistances

-Feel, read and direct inner energies

-Asking for inner guidance & energetic signaling from areas in need

-Communicating experiences


The energy session, webinar and coaching in the forum is facilitated by a group of trained women and men experienced in Remote Energy Work. Personal experiences and difficulties with connecting with Femininity and Masculinity can be discussed.

This new/ancient form of self-healing can be a very transformative experience as it guides us to experience our inner core of existence.

Connecting with M&F small

Each Month, right after our Remote Men's & Women's Healing Circle transMISSION (part of workshop) a 1 hour live interactive Webinar is held. This webinar can be booked separtely  or can be obtained for a $25 fee in our online shop.

For more info listen to the intro or click on picture.




More info on other guided processes More about transCODES Webinars



Karma & Karmic Relationships

Critical Inner Voice

Heart-Connection & Self-Love

Energetic Aspects of Sexuality

True Connection & Intimacy

Energetic Perception


- One Hour Energy Session

- Live Webinar

- Live Energy Coaching

Remote Healing Circle Website



Practically Applying Heart-Consciousness

This power of this modality lies in its combination of the guiding voices and coded visualization techniques.


It initiates spontaneous heart-alignment and thus allows for our Inner Child to come forward.


The created space in our heart-center resembles and leads to our Sacred Heart-Space, but is often blocked by Inner Child aspects, such as lack of creativity, loneliness, powerlessness and joy in life.

Divine Masculine Healing Circle Workshop