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Many of us have no conscious experience with Energy Work, and yet we experience energetic effects every day of our lives. For the most part we are not aware of the mechanics, which often leaves us puzzled as to why we suddenly feel in a certain way. We all know what it’s like to feel perfectly happy one moment and one phone call, conversation or email later we feel drained or energetically low...


The truth is, that we all are capable of not only energetic

perception, but also remote energy transfer!

How many time have you thought of a person and they

called you a second later? This is just a simple example of

how we are impacting others with our thoughts, feelings

and inner sentiments – in short, how we affect others

with our energy field (and vice versa).  



Assessing our state of health is not just a medical check-up process, but also a complex inner observation process of all aspects in life. Health is the inner congruence and harmony with all aspects of our life: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually,

creatively, and recreationally. To feel healthy means to feel balanced and whole. Ultimately, our overall health is based on our state of our energy. The more balanced our energy, the healthier we are.

























In eastern cultures, the acceptance of Energy Work is embedded in their

collective view of energies, energy centers in the body and medicine.

Many westerners are beginning to find healing in alternative medicine,

such as Acupuncture, when traditional modern medicine cannot help.

The reason for this development is that the majority of physical, emotional

and mental disorders are caused by energetic imbalances in our system,

mostly ignored by our medical profession.



Self-Healing & transformation is the process of preventing energetic imbalance to manifest in the physical. It’s the missing link in our perception of how we function. By intentionally working with our inner energies, we are activating our most powerful inner healing abilities to support our well being on all levels of existence: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The more attention we pay to our own energy field, the more our inner ability to read, feel and direct energies develops. The more sensitive we become, the more we feel energetic imbalances within and begin to see the energetic interactions between people and their energy fields.


Transcode is a composed word used to emphasize the existence and function of the energetic

                                                                  universal fractal-like energy programs.      

                                                                  These exist holographically and multidimensionally - in us and

                                                                   around us. Regardless of whether or not we have heard about

                                                                   holographic codes before, everyone and everything is affected

                                                                   by these transdimensional fractal codes.


                                                                   Many scientists agree on the existence of fractal energies as

                                                                   fundamental building blocks or templates of our universe.


In metaphysics you will find fractal-codes named in many different ways, they have been described by many researchers for many hundreds of years. Their subtle effects can be observed, seen and felt, and even mathematically explained - and although we cannot see them under a microscope their very existence is not disputed anymore.


Similar to our gentic code, uncountable holographic codes act like micro programs determining the quality of our energy, emotion, thought processes, level of consciousness and subjective perception of life. Feeling blocked in certain areas of our lives or being persistently unhappy, sad, anxious or angry often indicates imbalanced energies, often accompanied by too many corrupted codes in us.



To address all energetic systems, a deeper understanding of the structure of our energy bodies is necessary. What we commonly call True Self, is a description of all inner energy bodies combined. Spiritually expressed, our True Self represents the totality of our energy bodies, experienced subjectively as Inner Divinity.


Our True Self is eternal and unchanged by our daily thoughts, actions, emotions, inner sentiments, and circumstances; it is the expression of our Inner Divinity - our Soul; it is always there, even if we cannot connect to it or feel it. It’s like the sun….it’s always there, even if it’s a cloudy or rainy day.


                                                                       A big part of the Self-Transformation process  

                                                                       is removal of the clouds , so that we can hear/see/feel our

                                                                       inner guidance and learn how to discern inner energies.

                                                                       As we begin to get more clarity and confidence in feeling

                                                                       our True Self our self-healing process is activated.


With the connection to Self we are building a bridge/opening a gate between our outer perception and our inner microcosmos of our eternal Divine/Source/Inner Divinity/Energy/Celestial within. We are reminded of our divine nature and energies emanating through us by aligning to this innate higher energy within. This is the meaning of the Connecting with True Self.



Feeling and experiencing the existence of our inner Divinity allows us to access our higher abilities. This does not only improve our inner connection with Self, but also with others. Your True Self is the Source of your energy and Inner Higher Power.


Increasing our perception of subtle energies can assist us in learning and applying our ability to feel, identify, and direct our inner energies. With this internalized experience of energetic perception we can begin to learn how to remove some of the energetic blockages preventing us from connecting ourselves. However, the heart-based connection with our True Self is the beginning and end of our journey, the cause and the result of the healing effect of all energy work modalities. 


Have a great journey!

Energy Work Terminology

Divine Consiousness 2 DNA-Damage_SS_110813-617x416 Unified Self small


"Our overall health is based on our state of our energy. The more balanced our energy, the healthier we are. "

Energy Work does not promise a cure or healing of a particular disease, or dysfunction, but it can be of great help to address the underlying causes.


Remote Energy Work is even more difficult to understand. The idea of somebody laying hands on us or directly talking to us and transferring energy is somewhat ‘acceptable’ for us, but when it comes to Remote Energy many believe that it’s some kind of hocus-pocus, hypnosis, telepathy or psychic reading.

All products and services offered at transCODES are designed to facilitate and educate in self-healing through increasing the quality (the vibratory rate) of a person's energy field and their connection to Self. 

transCODES Energy Work Services


Energy Work is the process of facilitating the exposure a person's energy field to faster vibratory fields, such as lovingness, compassion and non-judgment. This in return activates inner self-healing without interfering. The facilitation that occurs during Energy Work allows a person to see their wounded aspects, begin to reclaim their blocked aspects, and step further into a strong more unified self more connected to their inner divine nature.


Energy Work can effectively support a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and increase their overall awareness, as well as provide tools for dealing with energetic sensitivity.

Energy Work










Energetic Sensations

•Muscle Tension and pressure in certain areas, especially neck and upper shoulders

•Ribcage feeling too small

•Headaches or frequent migraines

•Sleeplessness or sleepiness

•Frequent colds or flu-like symptoms

•Tingling, vibrating or heat in body parts

•Full body vibrations, spontaneous  motions

•Heat waves; heat in specific parts of body

•Pulsing in hands or feet; pulsing in body parts



•Sudden feelings of vertigo

•Digestive distress such as diarrhea or bloating

•Visual changes

•Auditory overload

•Buzzing and ringing  in ears;changed  hearing

•Muscle & joint pains

•Sudden energetic jolts; energy rising from root upwards; Kundalini experiences (energy rising up our spine)

•Increased electromagnetic sensitivity, such as cell phone, wifi or electro-magnetic radiation from appliances

•Awareness of certain body parts or organs

•Sudden aversions, such as red meat, coffee, alcohol

•Increased cravings for whole foods, fruits & vegetables

•Increased sense of smell and taste

•Sensitivity against too sweet, too spicy or too salty foods

•Increased need to hydrate (with water)

•Increased need to exercise

•Increased PMS symptoms

•Increased need for sunlight

•Increased need for inner & outer cleanliness

•Feeling like a stranger in one’s own life

•Feelings of not being fully present

•Feeling clumsy or not fully in physical body

•Sudden feelings of heaviness in body

•Sudden need for napping or meditating

•Increased need to spend time in nature (or away from busy life)

•Increased feelings of emotional bombardment by friends, family, co-workers

•Sensitivity towards certain TV shows


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Energetic Releases

Common energetic releases during energy work show as: Sighing, jawing, burping, sneezing, passing gas, or coughing, in which our body tries to get rid of stored physical, emotional or mental energies.


More complex energetic releases can be experienced through heat, heat waves, pulsing, tingling or vibrating, body movements, but also pressure, agitation or flaring up of chronic conditions (often skin or digestive system) in certain body parts.


The most common forms of emotional release are spontaneous crying/tearing up, but also sudden anger, fear or sadness (known as catharsis in psychology). But -

there are also positive forms of energetic release, which can be just as intense: sudden feelings of overwhelming love, joy or bliss or even climaxing are not uncommon in energy work!

Energy Code Work

With the increase of perception energetic codes become detecible for the coach. In transCOACHING and transMISSIONS we use transcodes to access more detailed information about a person's energy field and chakras.


In so called Code Work, a specific form of energy work, we utilize them to read, identify and transmit energy fields. Not unlike computer coding, we replace, remove or reprogram energy codes through expose  to high vibratory energy fields. This activates a person's inner self-healing abilities and initiates the often unconscious code work we are all capable of doing.  Any correction or transformation of existing mental, emotional or behavior patterns could be seen as code work.


Energy codes are everywhere and accessible for everyone at any time, but the ability to consciously perceive and utilize them is often clouded and needs to be trained.

Energy Training

Everyone can learn to read, feel and see energies! All modalities are designed to educate and train a person's energetic perception.


Remote Energy transMISSIONS

In ongoing group sessions different modalitites can be internalizes and practiced. transMISSION sessions are provided with detailed instructions and often also with educational material. Some transMISSIONS are guided, which means they come with a recorded energy work process to repeat and practice on your own.





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