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Energy Clearings

Remote Energy Clearings

Energy Adjustment




An energetic Reading  is a very basic assessment of a person’s energy field.  During this session, a persons chakra system will be assessed as well as their overall energetic field.


After the reading, a brief report on the asymmetries, shadow traits, and blockages within a person’s body will be sent.  This report can help the aware and dedicated person see hidden patterns or energies within their system so these traits can be worked on independently or discussed in transCOACHING sessions.



transCOACHING is a Personal Energy Coaching session (via Skype) and can be booked at any time. We recommend coaching after Clearings (if not included in the package) or transMISSIONS.

Guided Processes

This interactive remote energy session allows Jeff to become familiar with your energy signal as well as assess your energetic system to determine where there are blocks in the flow of your energy.  Jeff will work with your energy to help remove or unwind these impediments to increase symmetry and proper energy flow.  Also, various psychological or behavioral patterns within you will be assessed.  These are typically unresolved or hidden issues – sometimes called shadow traits - that need to be integrated and understood. This session helps you to become consciously aware of your inner shadow traits, helps clear the negativity surrounding these patterns, and facilitates a more comprehensive integration of these aspects during your ongoing personal work and self-healing process.


* If you have booked a transCOACHING session or signed up for a transCOACHING session,

please inform your transCOACH when you had an Energy Clearing.










Remote Clearings web




Many transMISSIONS practice the process of Energy Clearing . We recommend a combination of both.

Chakra Clearings

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Listen to our guided self-clearing process intros:

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The Sacred Sel-Healing Course offers the most comprehensive Chakra Clearing and Balancing Techniques.

More info on our Self-Training Course

Chakra Clearing and Balancing are fundamental tools for Energy Work and can be learned and applied by anyone.

Karmic Clearings

The purpose of Karmic Clearings is the removal of personal attachments and karmic ties to People, Family and the Collective. In specifically developed transMISSIONS, Energy Processes or Personal Energy Coaching Programs you can have those attachments removed or learn how to do it yourself

Remote Energy Clearings are individually scheduled remote energy sessions with the purpose of identifying and clearing of energetic blocks in a person's energy field. This can include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, as well as scanning and removing of potential external energies and entities  Energetic dissonances or attachments are often hidden to us or linked in a very complex way. It requires a trained and experienced Energy Worker.  In some circles this energy work modality is called Etheric Surgery or Remote Healing.

All personal Remote Energy Clearings and Etheric Surgery Sessiions are facilitated by Jeff Casper.

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Energy Coaching after a clearing session helps to contextualize energetic aspects that need to further be worked on in self-guidance. The January Special combines Energy Clearing and Coaching for a deeper integration.

Energy Clearings Sessions

Energy Clearings Series

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This is a combination of three sessions and reports over three to six month timeframe set up between you and Jeff.  During these sessions, Jeff will work with your energy to go further into clearing the deeper schisms within your energy and help to reintegrate lost aspects of your energy.  Besides being able to help you see and integrate your shadow traits, your progress or internal changes will be discussed after the second and third sessions.   As some of these traits are worked through, deeper aspects of yourself will likely come forward to be cleared or integrated.  These sessions allow you to work on yourself while receiving feedback and energetic clearing to help you go further down your own path.  Self-work, dedication, and discipline to your own growth are key for this series to be most effective.

Pet Clearing Sessions

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Just as in humans, pets can develop energetic imbalances that can manifest into disease or behavior issues.  Animals, especially domesticated animals such as dogs, cats and horses, do take hits and dings energetically from their surroundings and owners.  They tend to absorb unresolved issues and uncontrolled emotions of their owners and their surroundings.  Pet clearings are possible and will be considered, but only if the pet agrees to the work.  

Booking Procedure for Energy Clearings with Jeff

A Clearing session takes one hour and will be scheduled with you by email. With every Clearing Session you receive a written report.


1. Choosing type of your Session and Payment

- Payments are being made in advance through Paypal

- At the end of the transaction, you will be provided a receipt of your transaction as well as

  our Remote Energy email address.  Save this email to your address book and make sure our  

  email is not blocked by your spam filter as this will be the only contact point we have.


2. Registration

- Send in a good quality digital photo prior to any work to be scheduled.  It should be from

  your waist up (whole body picture for pets) and no older than 10 days

 - Note: it is important to us that you provide us with information relevant to your energy clearing

   i.e.your handedness: right, left or mixed, when you were born, where you live/cultural background,    

  existing chronic or acute medical conditions, etc.


3. Scheduling your Session

- After we receive all the information mentioned here, we will schedule your session by

  contacting you via email with the date, time, and brief instructions needed for your session.

- All Remote Energy Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis


4. During your Session

- Sensations during the healing work can be of physical, visual, emotional or energetic in

  nature. (Observe your pet during session)

- Try to take note, journal or pay attention to any sensation/perception that occurs during the

   remote energy session. Often your subjective perceptions provide vital clues for yourself.  


5. After your Session

- After the Session is completed, an email will be sent containing:

- Brief report showing what was found in your session

- And, based on the session type, possible recommendations to assist you

- Sending the report can take up to 14 days depending on the level  and type of energy

  work, often the self-healing energy field continues to work for a couple of many days.

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Chakra Clearing transMISSIONS


Chakra Balancing Videos (in production)

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In modern language the word ‘Chakra,’ which originally derived from ancient Sanskrit texts, but is mentioned in all religions. Is commonly used as term for our different energy centers within a person’s body.


The recent popularity in Yoga as stress-reducing form of exercise, breathing and introduction into mediation has contributed to the general acceptance of Chakras in our common language.


In energy work Chakras are an important part of communicating the work with inner energies. We us the word Chakra in the context with Energy Work to describe energetic aspects in a more understandable way.


Energy Reading

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Energy Adjustment Sessions are group events scheduled according to current energetic waves and shifts occuring in our collective.


In Adjustment Sessions your Energy Field is attuned, upgraded  and cleared from momentary blockages.


In a live weabinar after session we reflect on the energy work done on your field.  (with Jona Bryndis).

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