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By jona bryndis, May 4 2019 09:00AM

Our inner journey of connecting with our True Self is nothing more than the process of remembering who we truly are - an eternal soul. Simple, basic and not special at all. However, on a practical level it can be one of the toughest journeys we will ever embark on! Read about the 10 most common obstacles of Facing our True Self and why we really need teachers, books, therapies, drugs, yoga or other ‘techniques’ to be who I AM.

Being connected with our True Self unlocks the deep understanding of ourselves and our Divine nature and also our higher abilities, such as healing and self-healing. It creates the unmistakable feeling of oneness in our heart accompanied with a yearning to be true to ourselves, others and our needs - basically, the calling to live our true potential and purpose in life.

But why is it that being true to oneself seems like such a big deal? Don’t we all have a True Self? Aren’t we the authority in matters of ourselves? What can we do to be more connected with our True Self? 


1. Critical Inner Voice

One of the most common reasons why we are not naturally connected with our True Self is because we think it makes us vulnerable.

By jona bryndis, Mar 5 2016 08:11PM

Energy Report March 2016


For almost the entire month of February we’ve been lingering in an in-between state: Emotional ups and downs, not knowing whom or what to trust, dealing with physical symptoms, old inner unresolved conflicts returning and warding off outer attacks. Phew, for most of us this was an exhausting month, however, it was also the time to regroup, realign and reclaim our freedom from collective and often karmic energies!

This testing time of seemingly standing still or even regressing was needed to slowly being able to see the bigger picture… Therefore, next time before you question yourself, try to see that these kind of times are meant for you to integrate the deeper truth of who you are, so that you can develop a stronger stance for what’s ahead!

Anyway, after this prolonged time of inner adjustment, the current energetic situation is moving very fast now and we will begin feel the energy of 'The Whispering Winds of Change' full force. Starting very soon, you will notice a new and very fast paced inner and outer momentum!

But know that apart from finally moving into an action mode it is of utmost importance to be wakeful of the world around you! Many things will change at the same time, so you need to keep all your senses intact and constantly remind yourself to see the context instead of getting wrapped up in details!

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