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By jona bryndis, Dec 29 2017 11:02PM

Part of our collective human awakening process is the desire to break free from old paradigms and collective uncertainty. The strongest force holding us back on this journey is our ego’s fear of death and the fear of pain. It expresses through endless loops of spiraling thinking and dramatizing while our Heart, through which we could tap into the ‘Field of all Possibilities’ slowly dystrophies. If we lose the connection with our heart, we are trapped in our programmed and survival oriented ego. Our life becomes dominated by inner and outer conflicts and contradictions - our inner dualisms. We become empty, anxious and lonely and our biggest fear is Nothingness.

A heart-based consciousness gives us the ability to discern who we truly are, what drives us, what our real needs are and what we truly want – and what the world needs. It spontaneously clears our inner dissonances, provides inner peace and delivers the guidance on how to get there.

By jona bryndis, Dec 6 2017 07:32AM

In this Christmas Special at OuterLimitsRadio Ryan McCormick is jokingly discussing with us what our take is on Christmas, Santa and Giftgiving. He is talking about his own recent experiences having been part of the Heart-Warrior Boot Camp, Sacred Self-Healing and remote energy transMISSIONS raising the question if transCODES programs are suitable to give to someone as a Holiday gift...

If you have the time, listen to this little fun show with Jeff and I and how we joining our Self-Healing Programs can assist you in making 2018 an exciting new year of self-transformation.

Listen to the radio interviews:



The Outer Limits of Inner Truth is offering their incredible Listeners an early Christmas present.

On December 6th, 2017 at 8 pm EST (New York Time), OLIT Listeners will have the opportunity to speak with all three of our Virtues: Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor, Astrologer Constance Stellas Psychic Empath Liza Caza, Energy Healers Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper. Listeners can ask the Virtues about anything !

Please limit one question per call:

The call in number is: (347) 850-1168 – Please call in early on December 6th to reserve your spot!

By jona bryndis, Nov 8 2017 01:26AM

In times of elevated collective or planetary influx of transformational energies, which are often induced through shifts and changes in the electro-magnetic grid or collective matrix, our energetic triggers are amplified. This can affect our inner balance and well being on all levels with increased intensity and can lead to resurfacing of symptoms of emotional, mental, physical or etheric bombardment.

Etheric bombardment can trigger:

By jona bryndis, Aug 24 2017 05:00PM

There is a new type of Personal Consciousness Work emerging through our collective awakening process – Remote Energy transMISSIONS. It is not esoteric and yet includes the mystical aspects of our evolving consciousness. It can be applied by anyone and does not require metaphysical or spiritual knowledge. In short, this type of Energy Work is practical in nature and does not require affiliation with a particular belief, teaching or practice. Hence, it could be seen as non-denominational energetic ground-work, as it allows us to explore and apply the devloping new levels of our energetic perception regardless of our background or belief-system.

TransMISSIONS are remote energy sessions in which the frequency of our personal energy field is sped up to remove, heal or initiate inner processes that are blocking the optimal flow of energy in any area of our life. It opens the door to the deeper workings of our consciousness and teaches us to actively engage with our innate self-healing abilities to resolve persistent physical, mental and emotional problems no matter whether we are new to meditation or spiritual contemplation. They can provide the resource for learning personal energy management and dealing with energetic sensitivity.

By jona bryndis, Apr 7 2017 06:06PM

We all manifest our reality – knowingly or unknowingly. Energetically seen, anything we focus on has a higher chance to manifest as ‘our reality’ than things we ignore. With enough mental/emotional focus, everyone can make things happen to a certain degree. Popular self-help programs and success-formulas teach us, that we can manifest anything if we just focus our mind on it and take the actions needed to move towards our higher goals.

From an energy standpoint this is only half the truth. Agreed, there is the direction of our focus and actions, but then there is also quality of our focus. Projections and affirmations (direction) as suggested with these mental manifestation techniques work, but they only work temporary, namely for exactly as long as we can keep up the force behind our focus – also called willpower. While willpower can be quite a powerful force, like all force it eventually runs out. In order to continue forcing our manifestations into reality our willpower needs to be fueled. This is where most of us get stuck or mislead. We relapse into old patterns, lose focus or begin to blame others or ourselves for the failure.

By jona bryndis, Mar 28 2017 09:55PM

If we lose the connection with our heart, we are trapped in our programmed and survival oriented ego. Our life becomes dominated by inner and outer conflicts and contradictions - our inner dualisms. We become empty, anxious and lonely and our biggest fear is Nothingness. We keep ourselves busy with thinkingness all day, and can't fall asleep because we don't know how to end the sonstant stream of thoughts in our heads...

Inner peace, the very thing we all yearn for, can only be found through transmuting conflict of the inner dualism between our mind and heart in the core of ourselves. This can only be accomplished by merging the two. If we can allow our fusioned Heart-Mind to guide our life’s journey, we are not only raising the vibrational energy of what caused of our pain, but more importantly facilitate the actual transmutation of our pain altogether!

Why is it such a struggle to feel our heart, and to follow our heart's guidance? For some of us it is a choice to always favor our mind; but most of us are not even aware that we have choice. From early childhood on we were conditioned to dismiss our heart and only trust in our mind. We got confused and lost the ability to discern between emotions and feelings - and slowly lost the ability to feel our heart. To add to our confusion, many spiritual teachings or religions only deepen the gap between true and false heart-connection.

By jona bryndis, Mar 14 2017 03:00PM

Looking for a highly transformative new way of working through persistent barriers of manifesting your true potential in you business or personal life?

Many of us are currently considering changes to your professional career, relationship, health or emotional well being. If you are looking for a new way of adding to or improving your personal or professional life, and you've tried several kinds of workshops, therapies or traditional life coaching with no major change you may be interested in this new approach...

By jona bryndis, Mar 10 2017 03:42AM

Although the focus of “Recovery” in this modality may lead our thoughts instantly to abuse or addiction involving drugs, alcohol, sex or gambling perhaps, and the desperation those issues often include, the scope and intent of GRACE Recovery go much broader. It is probably safe to state that more of us than not, live our lives under the influence and restriction of some form of addiction or dependency, often outside our awareness and much subtler than we might imagine.

If we are on a spiritual path or interested in unfolding our true potential, we need to look honestly at the impact of a range of issues, beyond those which society often perceives as less than desirable and may condemn. There is usually only minimal observation needed to see excesses and sometimes the negative effects of a variety of activities and behaviors that are considered acceptable and even “normal”.

Some examples might include materialism, co-dependency, idolization, extreme focus on career, health, appearance or physical condition of the body, and a number of ego reactions and behaviors. Perhaps you are familiar with comments like “well, it’s much better than” or “not as bad as him or her doing this or that”. The perception is often even very positive; excessive focus on work might be seen as dedication or co-dependency as true love for example.

All of these issues have some things in common: they are an attempt to restore a feeling of inner peace or wholeness or distract or numb us from the discomfort of the lack thereof. What if we have been misguided though? What if the solution was not at all in things external to us, but instead, within us, within our own hearts?

By jona bryndis, Jan 18 2016 11:40AM

by Jeff Casper

click here to read the article at selfunification.com

This Friday the 22nd at 10pm MST we will be offering our new Heart-Clearing guided transMISSION spoken by Jeff Casper.

This new guided energy process is geared towards practical clearing techniques for our heart field itself as well as our entire field and is designed for learning how to do your own enegetic clearing.

During this guided remote energy session several layers of stored and/or absorbed energies around our heart field are being cleared and reconnected with our innate self-clearing and healing abilities. At the same time you will be able to observe how it centers your energies, so that you can experience the presence of our heart-field first hand.

The practicality is in the simplicity of the work and then of course continued practice to allow these techniques to take hold. After the transmission, the mp3 is yours to use as needed.

The process walks all participants through deep connection work, energetic field scanning, and heart clearing techniques. The beauty of this work is that it is for the spiritually dedicated as well as anyone simply looking for basic energy clearing techniques.

The field of this session will be very high and will likely result in some very stunning experiences. We hope to have you join in as we are very excited to offer this new event.

To learn more about this brand new process, please click here. We’ll keep the sign up open again until a few hours before event due to it being new.

Thank you and if you questions on this session, please email me at [email protected]

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of SelfUnification.com

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