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By jona bryndis, Oct 2 2016 03:00PM

by Jeff Casper

Hello Everyone,

The power of individual clearings lies mostly in sensing how our energy feels when it is in a more clear and aligned state as this gives us a new reference point in how we can feel. The power in this is in knowing that if we can feel like this once, with time and a bit of work, we can feel like this more and more. (Read here about the difference between energetic clearing and healing.)

Those of you familiar with the power of remote energy clearings have integrated regular or occasional clearing work into their personal energetic hygiene and management routine. This isn't usually something we share with others, but more and more people are waking up to the need of becoming more aware of their inner energetic make-up, possible blockages and advice on how to proceed with their individual journey. The demand for energy workers who are able to perform but most importantly coach a person in their personal energy management is drastically increasing.

The challenge with energetic clearings on their own is that without continued work or knowing where to start, this feeling fades with time in those receiving these sessions.

Because of this limitation, communication is key with clearing reports and personal coaching sessions being added to give the most opportunity for effective and long lasting change.

By jona bryndis, Aug 15 2016 06:18AM

transCOACH Training & Certification

If a person feels a calling to heal others it is important to know the challenges of Self-Mastery and personal inner healing first-hand! Participating in this transCOACH training program therefore also involves a deeper level of personal self-transformation. (Prerequisites apply!)

In a unique energy training program developed by Jona Bryndis at transCODES you can learn how to extend your personal self-transformation journey in order to become of service to others. Once, sometimes twice a year Jona takes on a handful of trainees who want to follow their inner calling to become an Energy Healer or start a new or enhanced their existing career as Energy Workers. During this initial 5-6 month training course Jona works with each trainee personally accompanied with group training. 

By jona bryndis, Aug 11 2016 04:26PM

As our yearly transCOACH Training for the Level I certification completes by the end of this month, we are opening the enrollment for the transCOACH Level II Master training starting 1st September 2016.

Description of our transCOACH LEVEL II Master Certification:

As Level II Master transCOACH trainee you will learn how to co-facilitate in ongoing remote energy sessions, write session reports and respond to participant’s posts in our transMISSION forum. For this level of training you may pick the kind of modality that you would like to specialize in and get certified as Master transCOACH to start or enhance your own business. The training consists of two phases: Training Phase and Modality Certification.

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