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By jona bryndis, Jan 19 2016 10:49PM

by Jeff Casper

read article at selfunification.com

It has been an amazing experience to witness the changes in those participating in our Sacred Self-Healing Program over the past two years.

People are opening up, sensing change within their lives, feeling more, understanding their path better and with the hopes of not sounding to cliche..being more connected within.

The intention behind this work was first and foremost practicality. Past this it was/is to combine heart level energy work with psycho-educational information and recovery methods to make an extremely comprehensive method to develop a deeper connection within.

Our hope with this program is help people see that using the simple techniques within this program that they can truly begin to work through various blocks, add greatly to one’s understanding of their self, and increasing their own heart connection.

Spirituality and connection are everyone’s right and there is no secret to it. There are ways, techniques, and paths, but it is up to everyone to find the way(s) that work for them.

We feel that the program has the right combination of modalities to work with just about anyone from any belief system as each month participants receive two steps with workbook pages containing educational material as well as activities to set the stage for the work and dedication for each 2 week period.

Adding to this, is a guided meditation spoken either by Jona Bryndis or Jeff Casper that helps to solidify the information and activities within that step.

Then of course each and every participant has access to the forum and webinar meetings to ask questions relating to the steps, experiences, and meditations.

So, if you are looking for something to go further into your spiritual path, to break down the blocks between you and your heart as well as simply enhancing your connection to Divinity, you may want to consider this program.

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