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By jona bryndis, Jan 4 2018 09:12AM

Energetic Clearing sessions by themselves are beneficial and can help those who are really working with their energy and their system for healing and enhanced consciousness and energy.  But, it is in the translation of and the work following the clearing or energy work that really has the power to effectively change a journey or where a person resonates at.

By jona bryndis, Sep 27 2017 05:29PM

You still have time to take advantage of the 50% discount on individual clearing sessions that goes until October 2nd. Act now and sign up for a chance to work with Energy Coach, Jeff Casper, who have over 10 years experience in Energy Clearing and aiding people to work through what is blocking them from going deeper into their journey or connection.

Each session offers a report that covers your strengths as well as emotional, mental and etheric aspects and patterns that if worked with can lead to a new depth and perspective of true connection can feel like and be in your life.

Jeff has aided thousands of people over the last decade in finding new ways to connect, to be more clear and to understand that the journey itself is within and all that is needed is there. His understanding of energy, defensive patterns and coping mechanisms as well as consciousness development allows for a depth of change that can truly felt and experienced if one is willing.

By jona bryndis, Sep 14 2017 05:59PM

Jona and I are still hearing from numerous people who are really struggling right now with the intensities that are quite bombarding or overwhelming to the point where one can become unsure what is their 'stuff' (ego patterns, emotions) and what is others.

When the current intensities hit, it is like our energy becomes swamped or overcome, and if we don't work immediately to center or ground, we can easily get spun into fear, worry, doubt, anger, and the whole gambit of defensive responses in the hopes that we can cope with all that is hitting us.

By jona bryndis, Mar 23 2017 09:53PM

It can be difficult to talk about our inner healing journey - not only because we all have a natural apprehension to the feeling of stripped bare - but mostly because the number of people we can talk about our inner experiences is often limited. This applies to all our personal subjects of course, but when it comes to our energetic perception we will find that the way we perceive our own world is way too far out there for most people, therapists, counselors and even friends and family.

Over the last years that Jona and I have been specializing in aiding people with connecting with their hearts and learning various forms of energetic self-healing tools, we have found that one of the most effective ways to add to the journey, is to talk about and contextualize what they have been experiencing. Often, just sharing and knowing that we are not alone with our sensations and feelings can make a huge difference.

Most of us have been coping with our energetic sensitivity by numbing or shutting it down. in fact, we've learned to shut it down so well, that we cut our ourselves off our hidden inner power. In our experience, this is often exactly the reason why we often feel so disconnected and alone. We found that relearning  how to open up and actually allowing our inner perceptivity to become an integral part of our communication can drastically improve our inner connection - and thus speed up our personal journey in all areas of life.

By jona bryndis, Mar 23 2017 09:42PM

Hello Everyone,

The state of collective energies and intensity that is occurring lately has added to normal levels of emotionality and reactivity and has even lead to feeling heavy, experiencing prolonged states of depression or anxiety, energetically clogged, or simply feeling like we are off our center.

This also limits our ability to stay calm, let go of the past and move forward into new ways leaving us feeling a bit lost, energetically overwhelmed, and simply not clear.

For those who are feeling overwhelmed or not sure how to clear or return to their center, you are not alone.  And, if you find yourself seeking a bit of assistance in clearing your field to allow higher vibratory energies to aid you in change as well as to experience life with a fresh feel, not so burdened by all that has been occurring, I am offering the Energetic Clearings at a discounted price until the end of April.

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