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By jona bryndis, Dec 20 2018 03:39PM

When we were children we were told that 'Anything is Possible' - that we can 'accomplish anything want', right?! But then, as we learn to adapt to our circumstances and conditions, this belief slowly fades away. The older we get the more we realize that 'Anything is Possible' primarily only manifests in form of series of unfortunate events. What we want is not so much different from what others want. But why does it only seem to work for others? What are we doing wrong?

By jona bryndis, May 30 2016 08:25PM

Intro Field Reports

For those of you interested in how to apply spiritual and metaphysical concepts into your practical life, I am occasionally sharing so-called Field Reports. They are session reports of our ongoing group transMISSIONS here at transCODES, showing how we do this energetic ground-work. In case you have been wondering what Remote Energy transMISSIONS and how they work, these reports allow you to peek in to and feel out for yourself how we work on our inner aspects in groups or individual remote energy sessions. (For more info about Remote Energy transMISSIONS click here.)

By jona bryndis, Apr 23 2016 08:36AM

by Jeff Casper, read this article at SelfUnification.com

There is an old saying that goes something like, 'what we tend to hold in mind, tends to come to pass.' This is true to the degree of how intent or focused we are on what we are holding in mind as well as the degree of actions to bring what it is that we seek in our lives.

In energy work we call this Manifesting, and regardless of what our conscious focus or intention is, we are always manifesting or bringing into our lives what it is that we are dwelling upon.


What is it within your thoughts, emotions, and energy throughout most of the day?

What are you manifesting?

Do you like what is coming into your life right now?

Questions such as these can begin to help us understand why certain things are within our lives if we are willing to be fully honest with ourselves. If we delve deep into what is our focus, our thoughts, and our energetic state for most of the day, what we find may or may not be shocking depending upon how honest we are with ourselves.

The bottom line is: Our life's manifestations are the reflection of where our energy goes. What we bring or don't bring into our lives is our responsibility - and largely depends on our attitude and consciousness. Just wishing to be rich and not reflecting on how we feel about money is not going to make it magically appear! The same applies to love, health and spiritual wealth. In order to consciously manifest our true potential we need to become aware of our true inner alignment, own our inner sentiments and learn how to shift them.

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