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By jona bryndis, Jan 7 2018 04:35PM

When it comes to integrating our journey into our practical lives, we inevitably have to face some of our core aspects. Walking the talk means implementing, actualizing and living according to our higher vibrational values. If we don't want our deeper insights to sound like esoteric platitudes or spiritual superiority, we cannot just do yoga, like men-buns and become a vegetarian. Embodying higher consciousness is about our inner attitude and sentiments and how congruently we can express them.

One of the biggest gap between general understanding and actualizing our spiritual awareness can be seen in the way we regard masculinity and femininity. Unity, compassion and deeper connection, the pillars of our understanding ourselves as souls with a body are often just empty words. Even the most 'spiritual' people have residues of unhealed disdain and mistrust towards the other gender. I am challenging you to reflect on your inner attitude towards Masculinity. How many times do you buy into archaic beliefs about how a man is supposed to, can and can't or should be like?

By jona bryndis, Mar 16 2017 03:44PM

Weekly Energy Digest Week 11 - Energy Update 11th-18th March 2017

The way our LIFE FORCE and HIGHER PURPOSE expresses in our RADIANCE, ENERGETIC POWER AND INSPIRATION. Many empaths and highly sensitives are suffering from a lack of proper EMBODIMENT and numbing of their radiance right now. If you have been feeling this dullness or even stagnation in you last week, know that you are not alone! With all the collective bombardment and unclear inner guidance as to what needs to change, we've come to a point where it's just too much.

Do not through your towel now! Energies and events ahead require us to be fully connected and alert. More and more truth bombs are heading our way. It's time to take care of our side of the fence! If we don't want to waste our energy any longer we need to STOP WHINING ABOUT OUR EMPATH-HUMAN-STRUGGLE in 3D!

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