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By jona bryndis, Nov 11 2019 07:06AM

There is a noticeable increase of interest in narcissism and narcissistic abuse, a new 'buzz' subject that leads to many controversial discussions and information about this phenomenon. It is unclear why we can observe this increase, whether it's because there are more narcissists or whether we are becoming more educated about the psychology of common human conditions. However, for victims of Narcissistic Abuse the info available on the internet or through therapists is often insufficient.

For any victim of prolonged exposure or conditioning through living or working with a Narcissist, the consequences of this often not validated trauma can be severe and lead to chronic and permanent physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage.

Advanced self-healers and healers are in need of more holistic views of dealing with and healing the result of NARCISSISTIC ABUSE in a person. The way I adress this complex trauma is through a combination of higher learning and energetic realignment through Self-Mastery.

By jona bryndis, Nov 6 2019 02:14PM

Being Willing to Embrace New Strategies

There are many different kinds of pain, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain - the kind that shuts us down or the kind that allows us to grow. When we feel pain, it's probably the most real thing we know how to pinpoint - but know that pain also highly subjective and therefore not always as real as we think! At this stage of your self-healing journey, we will investigate the deeper energetic effects of pain in the different areas of our life, but not really the experience of pain itself. For long-term healing of pain patterns, it is not only important to identify the ways how we handle pain when it occurs but also to honestly observe our attitude, involvement, and accountability for our pain.

The purpose facing our pain is to reach a new level of commitment and responsibility for our life's experiences, so that Self-Healing is no longer something we do, learn, or practice – but an integral part of who we are.

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