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By jona bryndis, Jul 24 2018 03:41AM

Since the publication of the short announcement of our upcoming Healing Circle Workshop ' Energetic Aspects of of Sexuality" and a previous article “Dealing with Sexual Shadow” many emails and forum posts have reached me, asking questions about Sexual Shadow and Sexuality in context with Spirituality. Here a few examples (abbreviated):

“What does my sexuality have to do with my spiritual journey?”

“I am in a happy relationship with one partner for more than 25 years. How does sexual shadow apply to me?”

“I haven’t had sex for many years, why do you suggest to work with my sexual shadow?”

“I love my sexuality and don’t feel there is anything wrong with expressing myself through sex. Why do you call this ‘part of inner darkness’?”

“ I am a devout Christian and believe in sex for married couples only. I am not married. Do I need to work on my sexual shadow?”

“Do I need to feel bad about masturbation?”

“Is homosexuality part of Sexual Shadow?”

“I have been sexually abused when I was younger. As a result I never found pleasure in having sex and have been trying to avoid it. What can I do to work on this block? How can shadow-work help me?”

“ I have sexual dreams. Is this a sign of an energetic attachment or simply my sexual shadow?”

“I keep having sexual thoughts about other people. Does this mean I am sexually projecting or projected at?”

“I have sexual feelings during mediation. It this a sign of sexual shadow?”

“How does watching pornography affect my spiritual journey?”

By jona bryndis, Jul 2 2016 02:00AM

Our Critical Inner Voice is very often linked to our mothers or fathers. If we take a moment and listen we can literally hear the voice of our mother, father or other caretakers, correcting, shaming, guilt-tripping or judging us. Having said this, there is no judgment against our mothers or fathers intended in this statement; on the contrary! What I am referring to is the programming we were exposed to in our childhood and how it can affect us as adults. Some of this programming is the result of parental love and care and helps us to make good choices, for example: ‘Eat our greens!’ or basic safety aspects of life.

Our Critical Inner Voice is the voice of our programmed ego-mind, or as Dr. Lisa Firestone defines it: “… a well-integrated pattern of destructive thoughts toward ourselves and others. “(www.psychalive.org) .

Programming happens not only through our caretakers, but also through our socio-cultural background, religious exposure, friends and co-workers and of course personal experiences. Just in case you are wondering, our Critical Inner Voice is not some demonic monkey whispering degrading thoughts into our ears (well, sometimes it can feel/look that way on an energetic level), but rather a reflection of heard snippets, judgments and views of the past from people around us. The more emotionally impacting they were back then, the more these phrases stuck to us as they found their way into our mental field. Sadly, the most traumatic emotional experiences often stick with us the most. So, in essence, our Critical Inner Voice is mostly a conglomerate of scolding and comparing heard in our childhood, which often triggers our infantile deep inner fear of making mistakes or not being good enough.

By jona bryndis, Apr 6 2016 09:23AM

by Jeff Casper, read post at SelfUnification.com

transCODES is hosting another very transformative intensive this Friday and Saturday. On Friday, the 8th of April 2016 @ 10pm MDT we will begin the Intensive with the guided Remote Energy Inner Child transMISSION and continue our consciousness work on Saturday, the 9th of April @ 2pm MDT with the Remote Healing Circle transmission focusing on the Divine Masculine. There is a enormous healing power in this combination of both modalities followed by a webinar in which participants can learn more about the processes and aspects that happened during these two session, experiences can be shared and discussed!

Inner Child Work

The Inner Child is simply a term utilized for any hidden or traumatized younger version of ourselves that holds us back or keeps part of our inner power at bay. And, these aspects or parts of us will come forward with any dedication to the spiritual or psychological paths.

Of course, it is not actually the younger part of us itself that limits us, but more so the coping mechanisms created and the emotional pain associated with them that limit or hinder our growth. These patterns and mechanism, as well as the pain associated, can really only can be understood and healed by reconnecting with these younger versions of ourselves and allowing them to help us work to accept and integrate all that is holding us back.

As already hinted at, our inner child can be resistant to come forward and typically hidden behind emotional pain or baggage, which creates the need for a space of safety to have the success in this work. This is the main reason we created the Inner Child transmission.

By jona bryndis, Feb 22 2016 06:49AM

As most of you know, we frequently facilitate educational so called healing circle webinars. (The next one coming up this Saturday, 27 February 2016 @ 9.30 PM (MST) DIVINE MASCULINE ENERGIES).

We just released the recording of one of our free webinars from last November called ENERGETIC PERCEPTION & SENSITIVITY.

Being an empath, feeling energetic shifts and noticing increased energetic sensitivity is one of the big themes here at transCODES. Several articles series' , Energy Updates and all our energy work modalities and energy coaching are dedicated to assisting our clients to learn how to, deal, read and work energies.

Click here to read more about Basics of Energy Work & Perception.

If you have the time, listen to this 70 min webinar recording to learn about the bascis of energetic dynamics, dealing with energetic sensitivity and current energetic challenges. At about 26 min in we begin to answer live questions and at 55 min I talk about current collective energies (that are still effective until the end of March) and how to 'protect' ourselves from being affected by outer energies too much.

To read more about my response to the events in context with this collective wave in November click here.

By jona bryndis, Nov 5 2015 07:39AM


Please join our FREE Webinar on Wednesday, 11/11/15 @ 1PM (Denver Time)!

After a brief introduction in which we will illuminate the deeper aspects of Energetic Perception & Sensitivity we will be available to discuss your questions regarding the growing phenomenon of energetic sensitivity and how to deal with it in times of increasing energetic shifts.

This webinar is live and designed to answer any questions you may have. PLEASE ASK!

A recording will be provided!

To register for this FREE WEBINAR click here.

By jona bryndis, Jun 28 2015 04:47AM


Healing Circle Webinars now available as recordings!!!

CRITICAL INNER VOICE - 68 min Healing Circles Webinar Recording $25 Click here to buy recording

In this 1 hour Webinar Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper introduce the the deeper meaning of our Inner Critic and how to deal with it. This educational video illuminates the psychological as well as energetic view on our Critical Inner Voice.

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