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By jona bryndis, Feb 16 2018 02:57PM

In recent years the amount of discussions about Twin Souls and Twin Flames on the internet has skyrocketed. Since 2009, when I started working with energetic merging modalities and TwinSoul energies in this subject seems to have advanced to one of the most popular new-age/spiritual/ascension subjects. Frankly, to honor the sacredness and sensitivity of this subject it would be best to keep information about energetic merging silent, but because of the growing number of people experiencing confusing interpersonal energetic sensations and the flood of misinformation about the Twin Soul phenomenon, I would like to offer my observations and insights working with Twin Soul couples and energies. At the same time I would like to remind you to absorb this information with full functioning inner discernment - keep what resonates with you and toss the rest.

The objective of this article is not to add more romance and sentimentality to the already questionable info regarding the Twin Flame subject, but to inform those of you who are questioning or doubting their inner perceptions or those who would like to learn more about relationships. (For balance and authenticity purposes I also shared a critical view on working with Twin Soul energies.)

Everything that is being said here about a Twin Soul relationship could also apply to any happy and longlasting partnership or relationships between energetically sensitive people who are striving for higher vibratory unions. In the end it doesn't matter how you call it. The best way to go about our relationships is to so love with an open heart, to know what your true needs and desires are and to conitnue learning how to best communcate your true feelings and needs.

By jona bryndis, Mar 2 2017 05:02PM

These past weeks we have been confronted with the deeper aspects of our emotional projection and control patterns. there was a notion of rejection and betrayal on all levels. This challenged many of us energetically sensitives, as it played deep into our relationships, partnerships but also family ties. For many of us karmic experiences are accompanying our journey right now.

Reconnecting with our soul's purpose and healing inner resistances requires us to be willing to face our inner responses and learn how to DISCERN our true feelings. Healing of relationship aspects, be it a troubled relationship or the absence thereof, our relationships are always at the core of our healing process - because they reflect the status of our INNER RELATIONSHIP.

While the occurrence of deeper spiritual connection between two people is a very common phenomenon amongst highly sensitive people it often doesn't always mean that we experience what we want to see or project into this it (also read TwinSoul Energies - A Critical View). What this phenomenon is supposed to teach us is how we can heal our inner relationship.

Once in a while I choose a session reflection to be released as FIELD REPORT in order to share the various aspects of consiousness self-healing work. To show alternative ways for approaching our inner relationship I would like to share a parts of a session report came forward in a particular session with random participants. It touches on the subject of inner SOUL REUNION and the healing process of our INNER SEPARATION through DISCERNMENT from our hearts by utilizing TwinSoul Energies as healing modality.

By jona bryndis, Feb 21 2017 05:04PM

I have written a lot about the misconceptions of Twin Souls, Twin Flames, Twin Soul relationships and the notion of soul mates, karmic relationships, relationships in previous lives, etc. in articles and forum responses. A romanticized view of TwinSouls is not only spiritually limited but can also be dangerous, as it can easily send someone into an obsession, and therefore straight into the pits of their ego hells - and yet I offer a transMISSION modality working with these energies. While there is validity to TwinSoul energies, working with these energies requires me to be direct, honest and critical about this subject. It comes with a lot of responsibility and thus the necessity to clarify some of the misleading info floating around this popular topic.

In order to understand why there is so much confusion and greedy money-making around this topic you must understand, that the concept of TwinSoul plays directly into your deepest ego-desire for a destined and ever-lasting relationship! 99,9% of info about TwinSouls and Twin Flames is written by people who have never experienced or even worked with these energies themselves!

Unless you are absolutely sure that your interest in this subject is not sparked by your ego’s aptitude for short cuts, thinking that there is a TwinSoul out there waiting for you makes you vulnerable for false information and less open for true life’s experiences. Only if you have the courage to realize that everything in your life is a mirror of your inner alignment and perception of yourself, you are prepared to meeting your TwinSoul. If you are waiting or seeking the perfect partner and think that a TwinSoul could provide inner harmony for you, that he or she could elevate you, or that such a relationship would speed up your journey, you may want to contemplate about how your expectations and inner alignment might sabotage the very thing you are longing for.

By jona bryndis, May 3 2016 08:00AM

On the Connection between Soul-Fragmentation & Twin Soul Energies

Field Report from our GRACE TwinSoul transMISSION

It is not surprising that we are all going through the deeper aspects of our TwinSoul capacity in times like this. All collective energetic indicators point at needed corrections in love and relationship matters. Whether we are working on our physical relationship or the one with ourselves makes no difference energetically. If we cannot love ourselves we cannot give or receive love to others.

...so that the One in me, can recognize the I AM in you...

In our holographic universe Love is linked to all aspects of abundance and life – Love is the universal power behind convergence and evolution. For the unfolding of our true potential any inner dissonance in regards to love, self-love and abundance is therefore a major key for evolving spiritually - and on the practical level, for living a happy life.

This is of course not limited to relationships – it requires the broader view of who we humans truly are:

A highly developed species, driven by the syntropic-entropic principles of expanding and contracting evolutionary energy fields, with the ability to sense, respond and interact with inner and outer subtle energies.

The circle closes back again when we begin to see our outer relationships as reflections of our inner relationship; therefore anyone who wants to expand their consciousness eventually has to face the deeper and often hidden aspects of their ability to form and maintain healthy relationships.

In the context with the TwinSoul concept, the advanced spiritual principle of inner convergence and unification, we understand that our alignment to Love and Abundance as energetic resonances is what creates the attractor field to break through karmic and collective programs. The fact that we can perceive and work those energies through the center of our heart is really just a minor evidence for the full spectrum of our energetic existence – the uni-verse of our True Self.

In another recent transMISSION I wrote:

“Uni-verse means: ‘The direction to unity’. In order to experience ourselves in our true potential we need to experience ourselves as part of the universe first! All we need to ‘do’ is to focus on uniting our inner polarities, inner chatter, contradictions, control and schisms with our heart (GRACE), so that we can feel connected at will and face the challenges we will encounter.” (for deeper reflection on this also read the book "Syntropy - The Spirit of Love" by Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini )

In reality we are being pulled by our future – our highest potential - and not, as our ego-mind tries to makes us believe, pushed foward by our past.

Who understands this, understands the nature of karma and multidimensionality and with it the true meaning of True Self and TwinSoul purpose!

Field Report

By jona bryndis, Nov 20 2015 10:25AM

Once you are familiar with the process of allowing inner reconciliation and how to invite all your lost soul parts back, you will begin to see/feel energetic ties and resonances with others. Here is where I want to remind you of caution. Just because you feel a deeper resonance with a person doesn’t mean you have met your TwinSoul or Twin Flame. It just means that some aspects of you are resonating with this person. More often than not, these aspects are karmic in nature, and therefore just mirrors of unprocessed aspects in work. Please read "Understanding Twin Soul Relationships" if you are not entirely sure what is meant with this term.

TwinSouls feel different from soul-mates, as many call it. Meeting a TwinSoul is characterized by the unmistakably feeling of looking into your own mirror-reflection, literally!

You know you met your TwinSoul when:

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