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By jona bryndis, Oct 10 2016 09:22PM

As our deeper spiritual journey reaches much farther than we expected we are beginning to understand that we cannot master the true nature of reality through knowledge alone. Dealing with the existential issues of life and consciousness itself requires us to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen and ultimately the development of ethical or spiritual discernment through Wisdom.

This higher conceptual aspect of reclaiming the innate Divine Wisdom residing in all of us can only be obtained if we become fully aware of the archetypal and actual human struggle. Therefore, our journey for Divine Wisdom is often perceived as ardorous, as it means that we need to allow the labor pains of experiencing ourselves with all what we typically avoid or judge. It asks us to face our severed or unresolved inner aspects (Karma, Shadow, Inner Child, etc) and requires a lot of patience - and often beyond the effort our ego is willing to put into it.

While many of us get discouraged on our Journey to Enlightenment, as it seems like a never-ending process of new layers of self-realization and perceived (ego) humiliation, it can offer an immense liberation and healing if we learn to embrace our True Self it in its totality!

There is this yearning for a spiritual experience that can lift us up driving us, but we can't help to wonder how all this fits into our practical lives. Can the search for another 'high' really get us there? How do we reconcile the ever growing shallowness and obsession with instant gratitifaction in our practical lives with our innate desire for a spiritual journey?

Follow me into this discourse on modern spirituality and let's illuminate the deeper aspects of your personal spiritual journey a bit. Perhaps we can find ONE reason there, why it may be worthwhile to continue on your journey...

By jona bryndis, Aug 23 2016 12:00AM

FREE Global Healing Session coming up on Saturday, 27th August 2016 @ 2PM (MDT) - check here for your timezone

Coming together to raise our personal vibration and that of our immediate environment through group or mass meditation can affect the vibrational resonance of the entire planet. The power of our intention to work together as a group is slowly being recognized by science and in the beginning stages of scientific validation. At transCODES, we empirically experience this effect on a regular basis through facilitating a variety of remote energy transMISSIONS. During such transMISSIONS and Remote Prayer Group Healing Sessions we can initiate healing energies in individuals and groups while utilizing the synergetic effect of all participants forming a planetary energy grid during these remote energy sessions.

Energy is more than the sum of its parts – with the right alignment it works exponentially – positively as well as negatively! A few people with extremely high consciousness and vibratory level can compensate for millions with low vibratory levels of energy. And so, with each and every one of us working on raising the vibration of our personal energetic frequency through neutrality we serve not only our personal stability and well-being but also help to raise the global vibration in a time of manufactured drop of consciousness through fear and separation of recent events. Let's look at some of the deeper aspects of coming together to raise the vibration of our planet:

By jona bryndis, Aug 13 2016 09:21PM

August & September Energies

With the approaching full moon energies (18th August) we are beginning to reach the apex of conflict building (see August Energy Report). This leaves us only little time to shift our inner energy into resolution finding, which will be needed very soon. The theme for the coming 4 weeks until the 2nd quarter of September when serious structural changes require us to consciously tune into our practical reorganization phase, is about our RESPONSE-ABILITY and the maturity of Personal Energy Management.


This may sound a bit dramatic but for the energetically sensitive and empathic readership here this is something you have been feeling coming on for the past two, if not four years already. Knowing our inner dissonances, working on transcending unresolved inner conflicts and learning about our inner energies and how they react under pressure is something that you have (hopefully) all been working on for a while. Therefore, this energy update is really just confirming what you have been feeling all along.


By jona bryndis, Aug 12 2016 06:07PM

by Jeff Casper , www.selfunification.com

Jona Bryndis from transCODES hosts a Remote Energetic Adjustment session each month that assists participants in responding to current energetic shifts and transformational occurrences.

During this powerful one hour remote transmission, the focus is to help a person deal with the intensity of energetic perceptions and transformational symptoms during times of increased energetic influx and collective frequency shifts.

In this session your personal energy field will be cleared and readjusted. And, the focus for this session, which will happen at 10PM MDT (UTC-7hrs) on this Saturday the 13th, will be Spiritual Intelligence and dealing with outer and inner changes!

After the session to aid in further reframing and overall understanding of the process as well as to continue the work, a personal session summary or a 30min coaching are included (you get to choose).

By jona bryndis, Aug 3 2016 09:12PM

Are you tired of rmisery? Repeating relationship issues (be it with family, friends or partners), ongoing emotional exhaustion, feeling manipulated, taken advantage of, inadequate, rejected, disappointed or heartbroken? Good! Growing tired of feeling miserable is the first step to liberating ourselves from our emotional binds!

Emotional Maturity is the ability to reconcile with who we truly are and how we express ourselves (or not) authenticly. It requires the courage to evolve past our conditioned reactivity and the resilience to move past contraction.

Spiritual-Emotional Maturity is realizing that our misery is merely a reflection of our ability to love ourselves regardless of the shortcomings we are afraid of hurting us. It allows us to see, feel and live the whole range of human states without judging ourselves or others.

By jona bryndis, Jul 13 2016 04:54PM

Developing Spiritual Intelligence is about learning better ways to handle impedances – or dissonances as we call them in Energy Work. From a general energetic self-healing perspective any dissonance can be seen as something that ‘rubs-us-the-wrong-way’ – dissonance is the opposite of resonance. However, when we are caught in our inner coping and defense patterns we are often not able to differentiate between what's truly resonating with us. We are bound to react instead of having the freedom to respond.

Energetically seen, dissonances are nothing but triggers creating an inner resistance. They have the power to activate a pre-existing energetic charge and with it a lower energetic state and its associated programmed response patterns. Triggers are individual to all of us and depend on our life’s experiences and cultural programming. Triggers can be pain, trauma, drama, but also places, items, persons, actions or sensations – they can basically come in as any form of energy, either from the outside (for example: something somebody says or does to us) or from the inside as a result of a momentary inner (mental) thought, physical sensation, emotion or energetic shift.

By jona bryndis, May 27 2016 04:00PM

Energy Updates

Revistited Energy Report from August 2015

As cosmic and collective energies have been steering towards another zero-point field this month, many of us are experiencing a dramatization of hidden or unresolved ego-aspects. Our planet’s electromagnetic as well as energetic field renews itself by going through an energetic reset phase.

The 22nd May was a day of an extremely high frequency influx and additional vibrational increase of love. While this is a beautiful opportunity to actively attune our personal energy field to Love/Self-Love and to work with this energy, it can also lead to the collapse as well as renewal of entire inner and outer structures (for example economical crisis, natural catastrophy or personal drama) if a system/person is not ready to deal with it.

Renewal is a form of contraction, collapse and renewed expansion. In its process all energies climatically escalate only to get back to a purer and stronger state – like a wave crushing and building again. There are continual energetic waves, which express themselves in the greater (eternal) flow of things – and then there are directional waves with the purpose of building an important momentum for a greater development or manifestation; for example the seasons of nature. From this higher perspective we could describe Renewal as: Energetic Propensity to Evolve - The process of continual adaptation, integration, and manifestation of Divine Energy into the Physical. (Alos read: "Alpha & Omega - Transcending Our Ego's fear of the End of all Things")

Even if we can observe collective planetary and energetic influences for what they are, the greater purpose of these energetic bands often eludes our deeper comprehension and we are often caught right in the middle of it. It drives our ego insane as it makes us feel helpless and out of control and thus often increases any ego related fear and its defensive patterns. But let’s face it, we don’t really have control over planetary and cosmic influences, so the only choice we have is to work on the degree in which those energies affects us!

Our physical, mental and emotional state is the manifestation of our spiritual/energetic consciousness. Anything we feel, sense, see or perceive is ultimately a representation of our inner and outer energetic dynamics and mechanics (and vice versa). While the planet and our collective consciousness are influenced by greater astronomical, astrological, electro-magnetic and universal/multi-dimensional influences, the human collective experience always also a representation of overall cosmic dynamics. On a global scale, these influences are undifferentiated and not yet fully anchored in our collective consciousness, hence they often trigger political, economical, environmental or climatic escalation or crisis; on a personal level however, we have the ability to deal with energetic waves with inner discernment, if we choose to.

Subjectively, the way we feel energetic waves can play out is through persistent emotional/energetic charges seemingly triggered out of nowhere. Unresolved and/or unloved inner aspects come to the surface and often result in sudden escalation or personal crisis.

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