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By jona bryndis, Sep 7 2015 12:45PM

When we are forced to react or adapt to a stressful situation, fight, defend or remove something, we can’t really act from a position of love, calm, allowing, accepting, etc. – instead we tend to turn into fire-putter-outers and do whatever needs to be done to resolve an immediate crisis, which can sometimes also mean to simply run away. Being able to tap into our innate survival skills is one of our cool human traits. Our flight or fight response, located in the animalistic part of our brain and energetically linked with our lower Chakras (1st, 2nd,3rd), enables us to go beyond our normal restrictions.

While this state of high alert can activate unknown energy reserves, we are able to achieve astounding strength, resilience, persistence and reactionary speed, which we may not always be proud of, in retrospect. Many of us find ourselves acting with a temper, in fear, with raw intensity and sometimes with actions we may regret later. However, when accessing this part of ourselves, we typically act without thinking or reflecting, so there is very little sense in judging what we did.

This can cause an energetic schism in us. We knew that it needed to be done but we cannot feel entirely congruent with what did in this state as our consciousness (which is located in the frontal lobe of our brain and linked to our 4th and upper Chakras) suggests other solutions; moreover, we sometimes feel difficulties to find back the way to our peaceful state in which we want to respond with love, compassion and wisdom.

Some native tribes call this phenomenon The Shadow-Man. I find this a very fitting analogy, as it symbolizes the part of us that fights and ‘kills’ in defense or for survival. Traditionally, this was of course related to battle or hunting situations, but we can easily transpose these situations to our daily lives, for example: At work, in a relationship fight or when verbally attacked in traffic.

In Energy Work this is comparable with the reactionary part of us that helps us to survive or cope with stress situations (emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually). It is also the part that when not properly healed, can turn against us and develop into our ego-, shadow- or false self traits.

By jona bryndis, Apr 20 2015 05:40AM

In my view Karmic aspects are the most commonly overlooked aspects in self-healing and recovery from disease, addiction, trauma or crises. If Karma can be seen as any energetic imbalance that seeks to balance itself out, then it can become more clear that the purpose of Karma is to facilitate and support the healing of any unhealed part in our energy field, regardless of its origin. There is no 'good' or 'bad' Karma - Karma is nothing but the energetic consequence of our inner thoughts and outer actions. In other words, if we begin to understand our circumstances as an integral part of our healing and recovery process, forgiveness, compassion and grieving feel more true to us than blaming, victimizing and wanting revenge.

This doesn’t mean that we have to passively swallow wrongdoings or accept everything as ‘karma’. This would be far off from what this inner knowing wants to provide for us. It can enable us to see the big picture – to move from the experiencer into the observer position and strengthens the connection with our inner Divine Consciousness. Karma work is a major step out of the hamster-wheel of repeating negative experiences and the ticket to re-instating our soul’s integrity.

Working with Karmic Aspects

Working with karmic aspects does not mean that we are looking for 'reasons' to justify or excuse any of these imbalances manifested in form of hardship or the notion of being 'doomed'. On the contrary! Trying to understand karma involves soul searching on a feeling level. We all have experienced unexplainable attractions and tendencies at some point in our life (or over and over again). These cannot be explained or processed in the classical dualistic sense of cause-and-effect. While it can be helpful for our ego-mind to understand some of our karmic propensities, they can only be integrated through accessing the higher vibratory states of our consciousness.

By jona bryndis, Apr 18 2015 08:22AM

Energy Update April 2015

After intense transformation and growing pains of the past few months (since the end of December 2014) many of us find themselves in a state of exhaustion and perhaps even stagnation. The March reminder to allocate time for energetic reflection and integration to become able to handle the current increase in collective vibrations allowed some of us to move into expedited manifestation, while others had to struggle with repetitive roadblocks.

Since Easter, global and personal transformation is in full gear – energetically as well as practically! We cannot control outer energies but we can control how we respond. Our general ability to deal with change in a ‘grace-full' manner depends on the quality of our overall energetic resonance and our awareness. This requires us to understand the necessity to stay solid in our heart-connection so that we can discern incoming energies. If we have not yet worked on a proper True Self and heart-connection we will not be able to differentiate between true or false; due to the power of false perception through unresolved inner aspects, we literally cannot feel the difference. When caught in the mud of negative inner energies our access to the higher functions of our consciousness is not only restricted but often even worsened through unconsciously looping in our mental-emotional patterns and psycho-spiritual programs.

The energies following this new moon today will continue to facilitate change with new courage and energy. However, how we will be able to translate this incoming support highly depends on how conscious we are of our right for True Self and Soul-Sovereignty.

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