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By jona bryndis, Dec 24 2017 12:07AM

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Join our daily Youtube live broadcast designed to support Energetically Senstives, Awakened & Empaths through the holiday energies, hosted by jona bryndis! We will provide you with daily energy updates, discuss personal sensations and have various trained energy workers as panel guests with energy tips.

By jona bryndis, Jun 19 2016 02:54AM

With the growing number of energetically sensitive and aware people on this planet, the need for guidance and education in regards to the mechanics and dynamics of our energy field is drastically increasing. However, most of us are new to spiritual or energy healing techniques and find it difficult to choose or discern which kind of modality is right for us. There are many different ways to approach the healing of energetic imbalances, dissonances, fragmentations, blocks, attachments, ties, implants, possessions, just to name a few; but how do we know what we need? When should we seek an Energy Healer? Do we need an Energy Clearing?

By jona bryndis, Jun 4 2015 06:00AM

Recovery from addictions, disorders and diseases plays an immense role in self-healing with energy work. From an energetic standpoint Recovery is far more complex than ‘just’ staying sober, drug-free or becoming functional or healthy again. It is the process of continual growth and improvement of health and wellness; which not only includes our physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Besides commonly known or statistically inferred causes for substance abuse, illness, chronic dysfunctions or mental disorders the energetic factors for contributing are less known and often overlooked. In energy work Karmic Aspects, Inner Child, Shadow, Trauma, Abuse, or a disrupted connection with Masculine/Feminine energies count just as energetic propensities and therefore just as much as genetic disposition, social structure and exposure. In fact, Ego and its satiation cycles is one of the strongest addictions known in energy work and therefore often core subject of inner self-healing.

By jona bryndis, Mar 18 2015 09:28AM

Chakras, the 7 main energy centers within our body are largely accepted as description of how our inner energies flow and how they are connected with our physical, emotional and mental states. The recent popularity of Yoga has contributed to the general integration of Chakras in our common language, and made techniques, such as Chakra Clearing and Balancing widely accepted as fundamental tools for Energy Work.

Expanding our inner perception to feel and balance our Chakras can be learned and applied by anyone! Identifying and clearing of our inner energies is not a mystical practice anymore. Chakra work is commonly known as stress-reducing and holistic healing method.

In our CHAKRA I guided remote energy modality participants practice the connection and feeling of each of these energy centers and learn to interpret and to balance the energy flow in our 7 main physical Chakras. However, the entirety of our subtle energetic fields is a bit more complex than just our physical energy centers, as they describe the interaction between our physical Chakras and our Chakras outside of our physical – our Consciousness Chakras.

Consciousness Chakras are not individual centers but energetic fields oscillating on specific energy frequencies within our entire light body (or Aura). They consist of 14 overlapping energy fields, which include the 7 Main Chakras but go beyond our physical systems. Here, we find our emotional, mental and spiritual pain body as well as our higher energy bodies, for example the Karmic, Manifestation or True Self Field. Persistent imbalances or disorders are often rooted in these fields, which can cause our deeper inner aspects to stay hidden from our conscious perception. They are typically more difficult to feel and require the training of energetic perception.

In order to understand the energetic meaning and function of our outer/consciousness chakras, the never before shared visualization and connecting technique in our CHAKRA II modality allows us to practice our higher perception. Once familiar with this advanced Chakra Clearing technique it can become part of our Etheric Protection routine and enables us initiate effective energetic shielding and sealing of inner energy fields.

The CHAKRA III modality, also known as Unified Self, utilizes our deeper inner understanding of energy fields and increases ability to direct energies for advanced Etheric Consolidation and Protection.

If you are interested in learning about our advanced remote energy Chakra Clearing modalities click here for our upcoming "Learn How to Read & Work Your Energy" CHAKRA WEEKEND INTENSIVES.



CHAKRA CLEARING III – Etheric Protection

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