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By elecia, May 3 2018 07:00AM

Weekly Energy Updates

4th-10th May 2018

Week 19

By jona bryndis, May 3 2018

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Collective Energies

By elecia, Apr 12 2018 12:00PM

Weekly Energy Updates

13th-19th April 2018

Week 16

By jona bryndis, April 12 2018

By jona bryndis, May 27 2016 04:00PM

Energy Updates

Revistited Energy Report from August 2015

As cosmic and collective energies have been steering towards another zero-point field this month, many of us are experiencing a dramatization of hidden or unresolved ego-aspects. Our planet’s electromagnetic as well as energetic field renews itself by going through an energetic reset phase.

The 22nd May was a day of an extremely high frequency influx and additional vibrational increase of love. While this is a beautiful opportunity to actively attune our personal energy field to Love/Self-Love and to work with this energy, it can also lead to the collapse as well as renewal of entire inner and outer structures (for example economical crisis, natural catastrophy or personal drama) if a system/person is not ready to deal with it.

Renewal is a form of contraction, collapse and renewed expansion. In its process all energies climatically escalate only to get back to a purer and stronger state – like a wave crushing and building again. There are continual energetic waves, which express themselves in the greater (eternal) flow of things – and then there are directional waves with the purpose of building an important momentum for a greater development or manifestation; for example the seasons of nature. From this higher perspective we could describe Renewal as: Energetic Propensity to Evolve - The process of continual adaptation, integration, and manifestation of Divine Energy into the Physical. (Alos read: "Alpha & Omega - Transcending Our Ego's fear of the End of all Things")

Even if we can observe collective planetary and energetic influences for what they are, the greater purpose of these energetic bands often eludes our deeper comprehension and we are often caught right in the middle of it. It drives our ego insane as it makes us feel helpless and out of control and thus often increases any ego related fear and its defensive patterns. But let’s face it, we don’t really have control over planetary and cosmic influences, so the only choice we have is to work on the degree in which those energies affects us!

Our physical, mental and emotional state is the manifestation of our spiritual/energetic consciousness. Anything we feel, sense, see or perceive is ultimately a representation of our inner and outer energetic dynamics and mechanics (and vice versa). While the planet and our collective consciousness are influenced by greater astronomical, astrological, electro-magnetic and universal/multi-dimensional influences, the human collective experience always also a representation of overall cosmic dynamics. On a global scale, these influences are undifferentiated and not yet fully anchored in our collective consciousness, hence they often trigger political, economical, environmental or climatic escalation or crisis; on a personal level however, we have the ability to deal with energetic waves with inner discernment, if we choose to.

Subjectively, the way we feel energetic waves can play out is through persistent emotional/energetic charges seemingly triggered out of nowhere. Unresolved and/or unloved inner aspects come to the surface and often result in sudden escalation or personal crisis.

By jona bryndis, Sep 10 2015 08:02AM

While the existing system is still trying to cover up its fast approaching collapse, the majority of conscious people on this planet have already realized that things are not they way ‘they’ try make us believe. But what about our own ‘unresolved issues’?

September is the time to take care of anything holding us back or not needed anymore, because without coming clear of energetic ties and blocks from the past, our future will not only lack a proper foundation but also affect our journey with constant stagnation and repetition!

Before the final stages of our personal and global renewal process can begin every stone must be turned! Many believe that this renewal process will be precipitated by a bifurcation in human evolution, a process in which growth happens through a forced decision-making leading no path back to the old ways. If we choose to ignore inner and outer processes, such ‘Forks in the Road’ are unfortunately often signified by trauma, crisis or disease –an event or development that forces us to change. The more consciously we embrace change, the clearer the path ahead of us and dramas aren’t necessary for us to make the right decisions.

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